Unique Textures

A compilation of works that use unique textures that catch a person's eyes and makes you want to take a closer look at each and every piece. Finding that, not everything is at it seems.

On the topic of textures. There is no equal to a 2 dimensional piece for texture than creating an image to look like it is made entirely out of wool.
The texture of the paper itself makes this image rather unique as it is a special paper from Japan. The ink and style though add even more 'texture' for your eyes to make the image more appealing.
As someone who loves water, I really enjoyed this picture and the details in the reflection.
This giant pipe sculpture is my all time favorite in this list. I wish that I could have walked all around it just to admire its curved nature.
The very style of this painting makes anyone want to take a closer look.
Seeing broken pottery put back together in this style has been a personal favorite of mine ever since I learned about kintsugi and have always appreciated the hard work that goes into making these pieces.
The style of this piece intrigued me as I was scrolling through paintings, the way it is shaped made me quite curious as I looked at all the tiny lines and saw many smaller ones that you can't see unless you zoom in.
The field of depth you get from this picture alone helped me to choose it. Seeing a river stretch out and seeing how the jungle hugs the sides of it as it snakes its way through the trees.
I just really enjoyed the textures of this one.
The image caught my attention as it looked like a fish, but is titled "Cubist Bird", looking at it closer I noticed all the details that gave the bird it's shape and now when I look at it, I can't see the fish anymore
Without zooming in, I couldn't tell what this was, and that immediately got my attention as upon seeing all the tiny details, I was able to appreciate the whole piece to a much higher degree.
I've always loved graffiti as an artistic setting, this style in particular has such a unique feel to it that you eyes can't just gloss over it.
The swirl of the waterfall, and the roughness of the rocks brings back fond memories of feeling mist on your arms or face when looking at something at an overlook.
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