Pop art

Pop Art is a movement that was born in 1950 in Britain and later on the United States. It means the popular culture Art. It was the art movement that characterized a sense of optimism during the post war consumer boom and its purpose it to use objects of the daily life and create art works with it. The Pop art movement aimed to blur the boundaries between "high" art and "low" culture. Pop art employs aspects of mass culture, such as advertising, comic books and mundane cultural objects; it was the first school of art to reflect the power of film and television. The features of the Pop Art artworks were: clear lines, sharp paintwork and clear representations of symbols, people, objects found in popular culture and its bright colors.

I decided to do my gallery of this topic because it is not just only about the art, it is about how it portrays a socio-political influence at the time and how “insignificant” objects of our lives can have a deep meaning, also it teaches us that our culture is an spectacle. On the other hand, I think that Pop Art led to the beginning of marketing such as we now nowadays. For example, Apple and Google both have used Pop Art in their advertising because the visual impact of the bright colors. Having considered all of this, I conclude that this movement was vital for the modern art   and  it’s impossible to ignore, it’s absolutely everywhere you go, you just have to see artists of today like Romero Britto who has a lot of influence of this movement.

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