Greece artifacts through the years

The Greeks have had many fascinating artifacts over the last couple centuries. This exhibit shows a select few that i find the most fascinating. These artifacts show the creative side of the Greeks. Some even tell stories which is like recording history in a pretty package. This also shows some of the different types of art the Greeks had. This exhibit highlights the early Greek art and life.

In this particular piece there are Hercules and legendary king of Egypt Busiris. Busitis is about to conduct a sacrifice to prevent a plague from occurring. Hercules tired of these sacrifices made them believe he was a peasant and got himself chosen as the sacrifice. When the sacrifice was about to happen he leaped up and killed the king. Hercules then attacks two people who are wearing white. In this picture you see the king fallen and Hercules attacking the other two men with some by standers watching it all happen. With very little effort a very detailed story was told in this artifact.
Jewelry at this time was what showed a women’s social class or status. Not every women could afford beautiful jewelry which is a symbol of high status. Accessories were expected to be tasteful and not boastful. The woman in this piece is clearly a high class woman. The details are quite clear she was a woman of high status. It is a very detailed piece that gives a good sense of who she was.
This silver coin shows a Nymph being kidnapped by a Centaur. If you look really close you can see the picture clearly though at a quick glance it is hard to see tell what the picture is. The back side of this coin shows a windmill though is cold be confused for the Nazi sign, it is just a windmill. This little coin is chalked full of great detail.
This is a very detailed piece especially for the time period it was made. There seem to be warriors one on a horse the other two on foot. There also is a dog in the picture. This could be a scene from a battle.
This statuette is of Asclepius the Greek God of healing and medicine, the following for this God was mainly in Hellenistic times. It is well constructed piece and the details are great. This artifact shows a great deal of sophistication by the craftsmen who made it. It is a beautiful piece.
This helmet as most likely for warriors to wear into battle. The helmet is equipped with horns and a leaf in between the horns. It could also be just a sculpture of a helmet worn in to battle. It is a very intriguing artifact.
This piece of jewelry comes with a story. Heracles took care of two snakes sent to him by his step mother, Hera wife of Zeus, when he was still in the crib. His step mother sent them to him because she was jealous of his mother Alcmene. These snakes tied in a knot represent the story. The bracelet is made out of gold. It is a very gorgeous piece of jewelry.
This is artifact is a White-ground lekythos or an oil jar. On the jar there is a picture of a man who seems to be a warrior holding what is possibly a spear. Or it could be a great athlete who just won an event. This artifact has a little less details then some of the others, but the picture is still clear.
This large krater is used for wine and water. The picture shown on this is from the Trojan War. It shows a goddess holding a spear trying to stop a fight between two men. One man moves forward weapon drawn and another falls back in a defensive position. This is another example of how art also had function back in ancient Greece times.
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