culture, history and fashion

my theme combine the three topics which are culture history and fashion, and in these pictures that I chose all relates to the topics.

this picture related to the others by the expression of the portrait and I liked it of the warm colors.
this portrait maybe shows the concept behind this art piece and how the colors make the drawing stands out and it relates to my topic history.
this drawing shows the fashion of this woman and focuses on her and this is what makes the painting interesting for me because they focused on the figure in being on the center of the art piece.
this portrait shows a historical painting of his cloths and it relates to the others because of the expressionism used and how the artist focuses on one figure in the art piece.
this shows the history of Muslims in turkey and the historical story behind it and it relates to the fashion because it shows what those people used to wear and there cultural cloths.
this shows the Turkish culture and it relates to the fashion of there cloths and this painting is historical and I liked how it showed the story behind this empire of the ottomans.
this is a realistic painting and it relates to the other because most of the drawings are realistic and its interesting how he used expressionism and the history behind the man.
I liked how the artist shows the shadow behind the Italian girl and the innocents of the small girl and how he shows the warm colors with expressionism.
this piece shows expressionism, history and fashion because it shows glasses and how there cloths used to be worn. Also, this man relates to most of my other chosen pieces because of the figure being in the center.
Credits: All media
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