Christianity and the Renaissance – Kendrick Gray

This is a gallery showing paintings and other types of art work about Christianity and Jesus Christ created through the years 1400-1700. This period was called the renaissance in France.It was a major change in human history. You will see different interpretations of events from multi people from different time periods. 

The naming and circumcision of the Jesus Christ. You can see the emphasis on who is the most important in the painting. The use of color and brightness on the subject in the middle signifies he’s doing something important at this event. Where is is positioned is not a mistake.
This piece of art work is one of many types of crucifixion creations during the renaissance period. It shows the iconic death of Jesus Christ dying on the cross in front of his mother. The use of color in this art work is very specific showing the red signifying blood and death.
The painting of the famous last supper with Jesus Christ and his twelve disciples. This event happened the night before his death. When this was painted the artist put Jesus Christ in the middle to show his importance. If you know the story, he also knows what will happen the following day. Him separate from the others shows this.
Mary Magdalene is washing Jesus Christ feet during a meeting with the followers. The artistic choice to me seems cartoonish. Kind of like it was supposed to show the delicacy and calm mood of the room. Happiness, being taken care of, no danger, and only family and friends.
The betrayal of Jesus Christ by Judas the night before his death. He led the evil to Jesus which led to his death for 30 pieces of silver. The tone of this scene has a dramatic atmosphere. It has betrayal written all over it with the enemy’s ears wide open.
Jesus Christ appears to Mary Magdalene as he is being resurrected. You know this simply because of his feet. His injuries are still present and she looks shocked. I think the choice of style was very soft and neat because of the cartoonish look again. It was a shocking situation like we all know. This expresses happiness from Mary.
Jesus is bring taken to his tomb to rest after he is killed by being nailed to a cross. His followers are carrying his body to the final resting place before his resurrection in 3 days. The use of color to make him brighter rather than darker like the rest of the followers, was made to make him stand out.
The virgin Mary is holding her son Jesus after he is taken down off the cross. This scene is filled with sorrow from Mary. You can see the heads talking around them like people are discussing this event to themselves. Jesus himself is in the middle on purpose like always.
The moment after the son of god was judged and beaten, a thorn crown was placed upon his head to mock him. You can see the use of the color red in the eyes to show not only pain, but sadness. You can pretty much feel the pain through his eyes.
The moment Jesus Christ was judged before the elders and his followers. One of his followers John denied him when asked if he knew him. You can see some type of orange light around his head showing that he is some kind of powerful figure. Once again importance is shown by what’s in the middle.
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