The Colors of the world

This gallery has the intuit of display the beautiful colors of the world and from their respective time.

This piece of art show the incredible saturation of colors and light. The saturated lights and details textures.
The author created their own world, rich of details and predominated by the blue color.
Using the colors to describe a big storm coming the artist created using the dark colors to add drama to it.
This picture is for me is my favorite from the gallery. The colors creates such a incredible contract with the mountains and the rest of the lake.
This fine art piece uses a lot of a gold saturation to the environment, and small details such as a waterfall can drag a lot of the attention.
This 1820 art by John Martin uses colors to drag the attention to the two person that is on top of a rock and right behind them an army going toward them.
I chose this painting because represent the colors of what I used to see when I was living in New York. A giant wall of Windows but each one telling a different story.
This painting from Van Gogh is one of my favorites, using blue to explain the darkness of the night.
Reflecting the "art of nature" the artist Henri Rousseau painted using the primary the green. The other color is used to paint the animals.
This environment is painting to illustrate the original one, using colors to add different details to the painting.
In this painting the bright blue colors, it is showing that there is hope in the child's life with his parents around him holding him
This painting represent the calm of the nature and the nature. The color are used to creates the shape of the animals and environment.
the colors in this picture show that the village has been though some tough times lately and are going to get worse because there is a storm on the horizon and that could mean several different things
It is bright because the picture has had more life coming to there area and the wildlife are happy where they are and naturally living out there lives with no harm from humans
This picture is a beautiful blue sky, the one that I used to see in my home country and the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro.