Love of nature

This gallery includes pieces of art that represent paintings done in influence of nature. Showing the patterns, color, lines, and movements done through the natural world.

This piece by Thomas Cole is a very mysterious and strange work of art. It looks like abnormally formed tree monster. What's depicted in the picture a tree standing up straight, almost to look like it has a body. The biggest visual element in this piece is the texture, showing the old, prickly feel of this tree.
This is a very interesting piece from Chul Joo Suk from Korea. This picture shows what looks like overhead painting of the woods. The is a good amount of visual elements. There is a lack of color and spacial perspective, but a wonderful lens flare in the painting that creates a turn to light (or the memory). It's darker, "space" like contrast makes it look as if the woods are pile of metallic pieces.
"Hawk in the Changing Nature" is a wonderful Chinese painting from Li Kuchan. This painting depicts a hawk which seems to be perched up top a mountain, amongst the nature around him. This painting has visual elements of texture and contrast. The texture is common to many Chinese paintings made on scriptures. The contrast is spread about the painting with light and dark shades. Lighter shades being the mountains and the grass and trees to be darker shade.
Another Korean piece from Inkie Whang, Untitled, this painting from afar looks like it would be giant trees with no leaves. Instead this painting somewhat looks like logs all lining up together. It creates a feel of stairs on a mountain. The lines in this painting get longer and longer at the tip to where each tip from the logs touch, while at the bottom they are spread apart. This creates the feel of stairs on a mountain.
This amazing painting from Achille Quinet called "Nature Studies" is a piece that depicts a setting of common nature. The visual elements here are very striking. The sepia color make this piece seems as it is fall time. The tecture was painted so beautifully and carefully to almost make it look like it was a photo taken straight from a camera. The reflection of the sky and the trees above the lake make it seem like that. The contrast is also very bright to give off a natural feel of a sunny or warm day in the woods
"The Nature of Things" is an abstract piece by Kristopher Kanaly, Dustin Gilpin and Jerrod Smith. They combined all of their styles into one amazing abstract work of art. This painting depicts basic nature partnered up with some unusual pieces of art. The biggest visual element to this painting is it's patterns. The patterns are repeated through each piece; with the trees, the diamonds and face. This piece also contains lots of colors for each of it's abstract art. Also it's spacial perception is spread out different for each style; although there are many trees they are evenly spread out, the diamonds are put very closely together and the faces are split down into two halves.
Panya Vijinthanasarn created an interestign piece with "The Spirit of Nature". This painting depicts a jumble of things mixed together to have huge overall meaning. A spirit is given to the many things of nature. A standout visual element to his piece is the different texture. The texture below the green has a stone texture to it, and even looks rusted in some areas. If you look closely you can see animals bodies and faces. The color also shifts from a teal color to sky blue. The painting's overall meaning is showing all kinds of different spiritual elements that relate to nature.
This piece represents a horrible depiction of death of all nature. Jean Baptiste Oudry depicts what looks like death of nature by man himself. In the painting ducks, dogs, flowers, and many other things of nature dead while human figures are seen around them with evil grins on their faces. The is painting has spacial perception of all of the dead animals around with two human figures. There is also small faint movements represented in this painting as well.
"Nature" by Maryam Shavakandi is a beautiful depiction of a bright spring day in a lovely pasture behind a small house. A family and nature together in one happy place. It looks like the setting is a small village. There's many warm colors shown in this painting. The colors give this piece a playful vibe to it. The texture and contrast also add to the look almost making it come-ff cartoonish.
"A Dutch Road" by Anton Mauve is daunting piece that depicts two men and horse going down a wet soaked road. The gloomy look of this painting gives off a sad and somber vibe. There are a great amount of visual element shown here. There are no colors that pop because all the colors are dull and gloomy. The symmetry with the trees pop out the most with the line of trees getting smaller the more farther down the path showing depth within the painting. The texture also is great as well, showing the wet soaked ground, depicting that it must have rained before the men settled on their journey.