a brief description of Renaissance instruments

Musical instruments during the Renaissance Period by Micah Thomas

1. Lira De Braccio looks like a modern day violin, the major visual difference between this instrument and the violin is that there are two strings that are more in an outward position unlike the other strings, which are closer together. The artwork reflects my theme because this was an instrument that was played during the Renaissance period.
2. Renaissance Ivory Lute has similarities to a modern day guitar, the difference with this instrument is that the neck of the Lute is bent backwards, also the Lute only has 4 strings and a normal guitar has 6 strings in total. This artwork reflects my theme because it is a renaissance instrument and also inspired the modern day guitar.
3. The Shawm is definitely an old woodwind instrument, which was played during the Renaissance Period. The Shawm comes in different lengths; the image displayed shows the different instruments that they would have played in a Renaissance band. Most times in Renaissance times they would play the Lute’s together as a band.
4. The Renaissance harp definitely resembles a modern day harp. This harp has a curve in the design and comes in different sizes just like the Shawm. They also played this instrument as a band during the Renaissance period, just as they did with the Shawm. The Renaissance harp is also very much smaller in size compared to the modern day harp.
5. The Krumhorn is a very odd looking Renaissance instrument, just like the Shawm it is a type of woodwind instrument. What stood out to me the most about this instrument is the design; it is in the shape of a J, which is very different than any instrument I have ever seen.
6. The Harpsichord is very similar to a piano but has a different sound to it. What stood out to me about this image is the artwork inside and around the Harpsichord; on the sides there is definitely a principal of design of variety with all of the different sculptures.
7. This image shows how many different Renaissance instruments would be used in a band setting during the Renaissance Period. This image shows many of the instruments I spoke about in this gallery. This shows a Shawm Consort with Sackbuts, in the image you can also see a Renaissance on the ground.
8. This image of a Renaissance Band shows men playing Sackbuts and Shawms together as a band. These instruments were commonly played together, just like in the previous image in the gallery. This is how they would group the instruments together, many of the instruments being played resemble modern day instruments.
9. In this image the Lute has more strings, unlike the Ivory Lute in the image earlier in the gallery. This is probably what an average Lute would look like during the Renaissance period. Very similar to the guitar, this Renaissance instrument has a large round back and the neck of it is bent back to an angle.
10. Flutes colonnes is a Renaissance flute, just like some of the other instruments in the gallery come in different sizes. The instrument does not look a modern day flute, the instrument looks more like a statue then anything. I imagine they use this instrument and the different variations of it in a band setting as they did with the other instruments shown in the gallery.
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