Yoon Dongju

Dec 30, 1917 - Feb 16, 1945

Yoon Dongju (December 30, 1917 - February 16, 1945) was a Korean poet known for his lyric and resistance poetry. He was born in Bukgando and studied at Yonhui College (current Yonsei University) in Gyeongseong (current Seoul). He entered Kyoto Doshisha University in 1942 but was arrested by the Japanese police for violating the Maintenance of the Public Order Act in 1943. He died in prison at the age of 27, while he was being detained in the Fukuoka Prison after being sentenced to two years in prison on charges of independence movement. Yoon Dongju’s only poetry book, “Sky, Wind, Stars, and Poem” was published by those who valued his life and poems after he passed away in 1948 and became widely known.
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