Street Art Museum Amsterdam 2016

Street Art Museum Amsterdam

The first exhibitions, more street games and official collection registration challenges

SAMA co-hosted Angelo Campos together with Amersfoort Kunst-Hallen in a summer of 2016 during Brazilian Olympics. The emphasis at Amsterdam were on ecology, sustainability and good living.

ANGELO CAMPOS is famous for his participation in FAVELA PAINTING project by Dutch Duo in Rio Brazil. Here the challenge was to put spotlight on the first self sustainable apartment at the top.

The workshop and social engagement with the neighbours as well as politicians helped us to get to know the area on the 'the other side of the bridge' better.

Street Art to SAMA does not limit itself just to painting, Music, Sport and Dance are always included into the mix of our Happenings.

BTOY is an artist from Spain, who paints powerful portraits of female icons.

This is a portrait of Evelyn Nesbit, an American actress, chorus girl and model from the early 20th century.

An intricate stencil portrait of Greta Garbo, a Swedish-born American actress, active during the 20’s and 30’s.

The Hollywood Stars are contrasted with Unknown Women of colour, for in BTOY way - they are all equally beautiful.

This is a portrait of Gloria Swanson...

... a producer, actress and fashion icon from the early 20th century.

BTOY uses electricty boxes as a canvas for her intricately hand-cut stencil portraits.

Betty Bronson is an American actress active from the 1920’s to the 1970’s.

Btoy is known for her colours and attention to finely cut lines.

Lana Turner - an incredibly successful American actress from the mid 1900's.

BTOY studied photography, which shows through her choice of colour. It was important in this portrait for the peach background to highlight the purple in the surrounding rosemary.

Lana Turner in winter.

Powerful portrait of a Caribbean slave woman.

The neighbourhood of Slotermeer where most of SAMA's artworks reside, is 60% muslim. BTOY celebrates this with illustrations of a Palestinian and a Tunisian woman.

"Between Two Walls" is another project with BTOY in upcoming neighbourhood of De Hallenkwartier in Amsterdam West. This idea came from local residents after they heard about FIND ME IF YOU CAN game.

Myrna Loy was an American actress, who starred as Sheila Mason in Wings in the Dark, a daring woman aviator.

This is of Amy Johnson, who was the first female pilot to fly solo from Britain to Australia.

When BTOY finished the piece, she smiled to me with "These are the Soviet Colours".

The area were we painted is also called Writers Quarter and all the streets are celebrated with portraits of writers. Only 1 is female. With the theme Diversity, we went for female pioneers.

Btoy made a joke that "this one got the Soviet colours". It is true, that the artist is inspired by a certain rhythm of Soviet Posters.

When we painted on the white door, it was clean. Today if you visit the spot you will find a small wall of fame above the portrait. Can you recognise the artists' stickers?

The Netherlands have a long history with Americas. One of the favourite festivals in town is Kwaku Kwaku where everyone can sample the amazing culture of Curacao, Aruba and Surinam.

De Havelaar is a beautiful location full of exciting things - animal farm, culture centre, playground, workshops, Sugar Anties baking cakes on Fridays and Saturdays... and now - Street ART!

Btoy paints a piece within 30 minutes. They can be done illegally as well as legally, but we take pride as a foundation in finding funding for these amazing artists to share their work with us.

Pola Negri was a Polish actress who took America by storm in the silent film era, best known for her femme fatale roles.

The impressive colours coupled with clean lines creates an vision rather than a picture.

BTOY’s intricate multi-layered stencil work here depicts Cat Woman with the incorporation of old and new graffiti tags.

On the door to the left of BTOY's Cat Woman sits a small Exit Enter work.

In addition to growing the collection, as of 2015 SAMA started collaborations with TeamBlazin on education frontier. By the end of 2016, more then 1,000 people learned the skill of calligraphy.

In a neighbourhood with a large Turkish population, Tulips represent not only Holland, but its Turkish origin.

Every year our foundation hosts 10 international work experience students based on skills we need to realise our strategy. Mont Blanc Savoie meets Florence - Universities of Europe in Amsterdam.

Bauhaus colours and thick black lines echo work of famous Dutch painter - Piet Mondrian.

Following the success of the street art game concept, SAMA invited French artist OakOak to create 10 artworks around L. Zijlplein square, using situational art as a tool.

OakOak's intention with the pieces he creates is to make the passerby smile.

Find Me If You Can series - Dominos by OakOak

One week take over of the advertising pole.

Find the missing teeth! or brush regularly.

Scissors was a one hour wonder and made only for the photograph, exploring the concept of ephemeral nature of street art as a whole.

In a small discrepancy with Stadgenoot housing co-oporation, we had to remove a large majority of this artwork, leaving just the small character behind. Hence the title: Who's not Afraid of Stadgenoot.

This work is part a collection of intervention pieces from the Find Me If You Can series.

Mario now lives on through augmented reality after being covered by a new artwork Tulips by Orticanoodles.

OakOak work from the Find Me If You Can series.

Find Me If You Can - Pacman

"I would like to meet a guy who laid out the ghosties next to the Pacman" exclaimed OakOak and we new we have a hit!

OakOak is an interesting old but new artist on the block. He does not come from traditional graffiti or street art background but excels in his eclectic mix of situationism and cartoon/illustration.

Video to accompany exhibition at Street Art Museum Amsterdam by artists Zas and Mutanto.

APC is a collaboration work by Zas and Mutanto to coincide with their exhibition Grafitti Scapes, hosted at SAMA.

On the Wall of Fame at Street Art Museum Amsterdam's head quarters, this artwork is a collaboration by two members of graffiti crew APC; a crew comprising of over 50 international street artists.

The Train Lodge at Sloterdijk train station exhibits the work of Kenor. Trains are my passion, exclaims Kenor, artist whose origins are graffiti, and to have time to do what I want is remarkable.

"Speed" is the word I would describe Kenor. But a gentle one. A colourful journey of the energy of speed. In 2017 Kenor designed Massa's Helmet for Formula 1, and yet he still paints trains illegally!

This is the first legal train in Amsterdam which is part of the official collection. The carriage is painted on both sides and is a combo of two, three, yet one artwork. Genesis. Kenor.

Immaculate execution and an ability to mix original, old, 'ugly', and shiny new, clean is an art of Kenor.

Short film showing Eric Lee's process for Ode to Tulips.

In a residency at Street Art Museum Amsterdam, Chicago based artist Eric Lee painted the work Ode to Tulips.

The Tulips here represent Holland, and also their place of origin: Turkey. There is a large Turkish community in the neighbourhood. This artwork brings the two cultures together.

The plastic pink roses match the colour of the tulips, and the red butterfly resonates with the signature on the bottom of the wall. Stones were tied to the bouquet to ensure that the wind won't blow them away.

The following artworks are all from a street art trail in Schipol Airport called Office Walk with a Twist, by Sandrine Boulet.

Professor Love is a kind touch to the grey metal and brick environment filled with real people.

Hey You, stop running and give me a hug! Unusual CAT (call to action) in a middle of a grey parking area! #officewalkwithatwist

The Dark Snoopy is a rock-n-roll inspiration based on the 'ear of the dog'. There is also a secret Golden Snoopy which you have to find all by yourself.

Golden Snoopy is a tribute to David Bowie - the hero and inspiration of Sandrine Boulet.

Klaus Nomi. You don't know? Google him!

Write your own story. On the bike path Sandrine Boulet noticed a spot that can be turned into another kind of journey.

Inspired the the line of light bulbs and Star Wars, Sandrine Boulet turned a symbolic decorative light into an animation.

She used mixed technique - stencil, tape, spray, lettering.

SPOT Schiphol community choose Van Gogh hat vs Magritte's hat :) We painted the vision.

Hello Hamsterdame, sits just outside the gallery on our Wall of Fame.

Sandrine Boulet has also left us a couple of presents outside of the official work load. Hamster-dame and Keep On Dreaming are a beautiful addition to SAMA collection.

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