Contemporary Art Foundation In Situ

Contemporary Art Foundation In Situ
Sokołowsko, St. Pierre & Miquelon

Contemporary Art Foundation In Situ supports broadly understood artistic and educational activity. In Situ was founded in 2004 in Podkowa Leśna by Zygmunt Rytek and Bożenna Biskupska, artists and culture activists. In September 2012, its headquarters were moved from Warsaw to Sokołowsko, and Zuzanna Fogtt became the president of the foundation.

The founders' intention, and thus the Foundation's goal, is to create a space for the implementation of international artistic projects, diverse and interdisciplinary creative activities, research, meetings, confronting views, exchanging ideas and experiences, as well as disseminating innovative artistic attitudes and supporting various forms of creative activity. Another goal is to promote activities in the field of protection of goods of culture and art as well as national heritage.

Currently, the main goal and project of the Foundation is the reconstruction of the burned-down building of the former Dr. Brehmer Sanatorium in Sokołowsko and the creation of the International Culture Laboratory in it. The name of the foundation In Situ means "in the place" (Latin) and is also the foundation's philosophy of operation.

The Foundation's activities encompass different artistic projects: exhibitions, performances, concerts, workshops, projects in public space, meetings, social and ecological campaigns, lectures, as well as cyclical festivals: Contexts Festival of Ephemeral Art, Hommage à Kieślowski, Sanatorium of Sound. Since 2010, the events have been organized in Sokołowsko, our "Center of Europe".

The Foundation takes care of the creative legacy of Krzysztof Kieślowski by creating the Director's Work Archive (ATKK). Its main goals include the development and digitization of archival objects, archiving and securing source materials. Moreover, the task of the ATKK is to initiate joint research and artistic projects with the use of the archive, as well as exhibition and publishing activities. ATKK's development plans include cooperation with cultural and art institutions, museums, libraries, universities, research centers, film teams and film schools in Poland and abroad.
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