DMZ Botanic Garden

DMZ Botanic Garden
Yanggu-gun, South Korea

The DMZ Botanic Garden is a branch of the Korea National Arboretum established in Mandae-ri, Haean-myeon, Gangwon-do. The DMZ Botanic Garden is created to collect and conserve various plant resources of the DMZ, particularly in the northern region, to conduct research on restoration of the forest ecosystem in North Korea after unification, and to conserve rare and endemic plants in the DMZ region that connects the east-west ecological axis. Envisioning the center of research on northern plants and forest ecosystems on the Korean Peninsula, the DMZ Botanic Garden establishes a foundation to collect northern plant resources and carry out research on forest ecosystem, to restore and conserve degraded forests in the DMZ & CCA area in the eastern region, and to revitalize the local economy through ex-situ conservation of rare, endemic, and endangered species of northern plants as well as proliferation and utilization technology development of useful plant resources. As an hub for northern forest biodiversity and international research on forest ecological environment, it aims to create an ecological botanic garden that can collect, conserve and commercialize plant resource as well as predict changes in forest ecosystems.

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DMZ Botanic GardenDMZ Botanic Garden, 916-70, Punchbowl-ro, Haean-myeon, Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do

South Korea
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