Fondazione Near Onlus

Fondazione Near Onlus
Monza (MB), Italy

We are a non-profit foundation that promotes the companies' social responsibility through the involvement, inclusion and employment of young people who have lived or are still living the course of the disease.

The girls and boys who are part of the group are called B.Liver and their experience generates "Il Bullone", as a new point of view that goes beyond prejudice and taboos towards sustainable, social, environmental and economic development.

Il Bullone is thought: a newspaper, a website and a social channel, whose contents are created together with students, volunteers and professionals to think and make people think.

Il Bullone is action: experiences with B.Livers, awareness-raising projects, working in partnership with companies.

Il Bullone organizes weekly activities for B.Livers: interviews and meetings, training and workshops, insights and entertainment.

Il Bullone raises awareness through visionary artistic projects, daring travels, storytelling, experiences and encounters that combine different realities in original paths.

Il Bullone works in partnership with companies that believe in its ironic, profound and unconventional gaze, to develop and implement communication projects, training events and new products.

Il Bullone.
To think. To do. To make people think.

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Fondazione Near OnlusVia Enrico Toti, 29
20900 Monza (MB)
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