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Established in 1997 with the support of the Fubon Group, Fubon Art Foundation is dedicated to making art more accessible to the public. Simple yet determined, the mission statement of the Foundation is "art is a commitment to life," with the belief that art originates in life and it should also ultimately return to life. It has been in pursuit of this passion through art exhibitions, lectures, publications, as well as art & design merchandise. For the past 18 years, Fubon Art Foundation has worked with more than 500 contemporary visual artists and brought 1200 pieces of artwork into public spaces, creating conversations and collective memories among the people living in Taipei. In particular, "Very Fun Park" actively promotes a "museum-without-walls" approach to art in Taipei's East District as it believes art can go beyond the confines of art museums or galleries. Every summer, the special map Very Fun Park creates brings forth serendipitous encounters between people and art. Let art be the road signs that guide you through the streets and alleyways in the city, and you will discover that these daily-life spaces are in fact the best place to savor art.

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