Casa Museo Otraparte

Casa Museo Otraparte
Envigado, Colombia


The house was built in 1940 for the González Restrepo family. The planning and construction process involved the architect Carlos Obregón, the engineer Félix Mejía Arango (Pepe Mexía) and the painter (engineer and architect, in addition) Pedro Nel Gómez. The latter designed the beautiful patio that looks like a carpet adorned by a circular well built of cement and stone; Obregón made the blueprints and Mejía Arango supervised the work. Of predominantly colonial style, it has a second floor that consists of an alcove and its corresponding balcony, aspect that confers a special attractiveness and highlights its beauty.

In the last years of the writer's life, Otraparte became an almost mythical place, the name became popular and used to be pronounced with admiration and respect. The Assembly of Antioquia declared it a Departmental Monument according to Ordinance number 76 of 1979, and through the Law 1068 of 2006 the Congress of the Republic “exalts the memory, life and work of the philosopher Fernando González and declares the house museum that bears his name in the municipality of Envigado, Antioquia, as a place of Public and Cultural Interest of the Nation. In 1987 it was converted into a museum and it is currently a cultural center and the headquarters of the nonprofit Otraparte Corporation, created in April 2002 on the initiative of his son, Simón González Restrepo, former governor of the islands of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina.

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Casa Museo OtraparteAvenida Fernando
Cra. 43A #27A Sur 11
Zona 2
Envigado, Antioquia
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