Real Academia de Gastronomía

Real Academia de Gastronomía
Madrid, Spain

The Royal Academy of Gastronomy's main goal is to disseminate and protect Spanish culinary culture. Gastronomy has evolved in recent decades, developing important links with other sectors such as the economy, education, and health. As a result, the Royal Academy has gradually adapted its goals to the needs of gastronomy today, focusing its efforts on reclaiming it as one of the cornerstones of Spanish culture and identity.

It is currently working on various projects, all closely linked to its founding purposes:

To champion the research, dissemination, promotion, and protection of different cuisines and culinary activities in Spain, in collaboration with its Association of Friends, the Autonomous Gastronomy Academies, and regional administrations.

To work towards incorporating knowledge about diet and taste education into the education system, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

To support specific training in gastronomy and health through the Royal Academy of Gastronomy Professorship at Alfonso X El Sabio University.

To improve the population's eating habits, prevent obesity, and promote a healthy and balanced diet in collaboration with the Spanish Nutrition Foundation and the Ministry of Health, Consumption, and Social Welfare.

To contribute to the spread of culinary tourism in collaboration with the World Tourism Organization.

To support the promotion of Spanish agricultural, food, and fishery products with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food, and Environment.

To disseminate Spain's culinary and cultural heritage outside its borders in collaboration with the Cervantes Institute.

To actively cooperate in the solidarity work of the Food Bank and the Messengers of Peace Association.

In essence, to promote gastronomy that embraces health, solidarity, sustainability, and satisfaction.

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