Seto Inland Sea Folk History Museum

Seto Inland Sea Folk History Museum
Takamatsu, Japan

The Seto Inland Sea has played an important role in cultural exchange and has been a main artery for marine transports since the old days. Blessed with a warm climate and a relatively small amount of precipitation, the inland sea has been a foundation for the livelihood of the regional people and has shaped a unique and wonderful way of life. Various cultural heritages from this region tell many things about the past. Seto Inland Sea Folk History Museum was built in 1973, in order to collect and maintain important materials, to carry out general research, and to make the results publicly accessible. Among the museum’s collection, 5,656 pieces of fishing tools and shipbuilding tools and 310 pieces of transportation tools are designated as national important tangible folk cultural properties.

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Setonaikai Museum of History and Folklore1412-2 Tarumichō
Takamatsu, Kagawa 761-8001
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