Heritage on the Edge

Discover how people around the world are using technology to protect their cultural sites against climate change

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CyArkICOMOS - International Council on Monuments and Sites
“Buildings are deteriorating faster than ever before. It's indicative of the changing environment and climate.”- Syfur Rahman, Department of Archeology of Bangladesh
“They are not only heritage objects, but represent our culture and history, from my ancestors to my children.”- Daniela Meza Marchant, Head of Conservation, Rapa Nui

Why Heritage?

In the conversation about the climate crisis, why focus on cultural heritage? Andrew Potts of ICOMOS explains.

“Fighting with sticks and stones we can not. But fighting with our voices, with our Rapa Nui, we can achieve everything.”- Henriet Paoa Hucke, Rapa Nui islander
"History in Scotland is a living thing, it's part of what we do every day. It's part of a living city, it's part of our economy, and our social lives.”- Ewan Hyslop, Historic Environment Scotland

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