Crafted in India

Meet the makers. Explore their craft. Share their stories.

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Incredible India!Dastkari Haat Samiti
and 20 more collections

The fabric of a nation

Watch the art in action

Craftsmanship is everywhere

Home is where the art is

Meet the people usings crafts to add color, style, and elegance to interiors

Holding the floor

The rugs and carpets that lay down the look

Inside and out

How a simple decoration helped a complex problem

Wall to wall

Zoom in to panels and paintings that tell a story

The crafts that built India

How stonework and tile made Indian architecture what it is

Forging the future

Metal working and casting traditions and how they are changing

Coming out of the woodwork

How wood carving makes everyday objects beautiful

Keeping it green

The value of waste

Crafting paper from the most unexpected places

Crafts on paper

A modern twist

A contemporary use of heritage crafts

Discover more decorative crafts

Handweaving history

In ancient Greece and Babylon the name ‘India’ was shorthand for ‘cotton’

Weaving together the past and the present

Fabrics inspired by places

The art of creating color

Coloring and dyeing techniques

Stitches in time

Embroidery as artform

Dressed to impress

Crafts eye-catching enough for the catwalk

Sustainable fashion

Discover more about crafts to wear

Toy story

The lacquered figurines handmade in toy town

Unfolding myths and legends

A unique story telling aid for a narrative folk tradition

Is video killing the puppet stars?

A behind the curtain look at crafts people pulling strings


Behind the scenes in the mask-making process

Crafts for festivals and celebrations

The art of fables

One of the earliest collections of folk tales in world literature, in color

Learn more about crafts for fun


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