Tricatel, Bringing Unusual Projects to Life

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By Le Mila

Bertrand Burgalat by Serge LeblonLe Mila

Following his early attempts in the studio, Burgalat realized that he would have to rely on his own abilities—to bring his unusual projects to life, he would need to build the tools that would enable him to have complete control over the various aspects of his work and produce the projects he was passionate about.

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As a result, in 1995, Bertrand Burgalat established the record label Tricatel, a nonaligned, independent, sovereign principality, and a collective adventure, where he produced the most eclectic projects. 

Catastrophe by Antoine HenaultLe Mila

Tricatel is an elegant and light-hearted tribute both to uniqueness and community spirit: teams of musicians, of lyricists (Pascal Mounet, Matthias Debureaux, Elisabeth Barillé, Helene Pince, Marie Möör, Virginie Despentes, etc.), and of directors (Kuntzel et Deygas, Daniel Klein, Serge Bozon, Eva Ionesco, Elise Girard, Pascal Bonitzer, Benoit Forgeard, Bertrand Tavernier, and Marc Fitoussi). 

Meandering and fickle, its editorial policy is uncategorizable: Burgalat makes records the way someone else might give gifts. 

Chassol by Flavien PrioreauLe Mila

The label resurrects forgotten stars (André Popp, David Whitaker, Ingrid Caven, Les Comateens), features writers (Michel Houellebecq, Jonathan Coe, Jean-Jacques Schuhl), launches new groups (Catastrophe, A.S Dragon, Les Shades), and produces secretive or unusual musicians (April March, Count Indigo, Etienne Charry, Chassol, Jef Barbara, and Burgalat himself). These are artists who don't belong to any movement, who stay on the sidelines, and are generally unknown. 

Tricatel's front door (2020) by KopetoLe Mila

In 2006, Tricatel joined Mila within the small office center. For two years, the team consisting of Cyril Vessier and Celine Lepage shared an office while looking after the stock of vinyl and CDs stored in a rented garage on Rue Championnet, just a stone's throw away. 

Cyril and Alix in the stock (2020) by KopetoLe Mila

In 2008, Tricatel moved into the store next to the one currently occupied by Record Makers. It was an old butcher shop, and it still has the old hooks in the cellar, which is now also home to the label's files and stock of vinyl and CDs. 

Alix Menoret (2020) by KopetoLe Mila

Interestingly, Marc Teissier du Cros, the boss of the label Record Makers which is based in the old bakery, went to high school with Cyril Vessier. How strange, to meet up again 30 years later as neighbors and working in the same field. 

Tricatel Office (2020) by KopetoLe Mila

In the 15 years they've been here, these offices have allowed the label to produce TV shows like Le Ben & Bertie Show, broadcast on Paris Première and France 4, and in fact some of the sets can still be found at the store, much to the amusement of the local kids, who are often taken aback when they walk past.

Numerous promotional photo shoots have taken place in and outside of the premises. The Tricatel store is now steeped in its own history. Bertrand Burgalat's vision is spelled out on its walls and has become an indelible part of music street. 

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