This collective body of work explores the multiplicity and diversity of Black identity and connectivity

Blackness in the Hood (2020) by Stephen Anthony DavidsArts Council England

To mark Black History Month Serendipity through its founder and Artistic Director, Pawlet Brookes commissioned and curated a series of works from a selection of Black artists, writers, and creatives dissecting arts, heritage, and cultural politics, under the Blackink initiative. This collective body of work explores the multiplicity and diversity of Black identity and connectivity.

BHM Through Your Eyes (2020) by Patricia VesterArts Council England

BHM Through Your Eyes by Patricia Vester

Aiming to nurture and platform Black artists both in the UK and internationally the curation process began in Germany with the work of Patricia Vester. BHM Through Your Eyes forms part of a wider series called Skin and Colour.  It features photographs of the artist’s Black friends and colleagues as a way of honouring the spectrum of Black beauty.

Beware the Tokoloshe (2020) by Shangomola EdunjobiArts Council England

Beware the Tokoloshe Cover Art by Shangomola Edunjobi

Venturing across the North Sea to the United Kingdom Shangomola Edunjobi explores Zulu and Xhosa mythology in the manga comic and accompanying animated film Beware the Tokoloshe. 

Through Their Eyess (2020) by Tolu CokerArts Council England

Through Their Eyes by Tolu Coker

Continuing in the examination of African culture is the Through Their Eyes collection by Tolu Coker. The drawings depict the artist’s study of neighbouring villages Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo centering on the daily lives of the women and children she encountered on her travels.

Sombre by Ana Paz

Combining poetry, Capoeira and dance Sombre by Ana Paz is all about alienation. Making use of light and shadows it highlights the challenges Black people face when occupying white spaces.

Irírí (2020) by Ade CokerArts Council England

Irírí by Ade Coker

Irírí by Ade Coke explores Black Britishness from the lens of London’s West African community, inspired by his father’s life as a social activist and photojournalist.

Intergenerational Trauma by Isaac Ouro-Gnao and Ashley Karrell (Throat) (2021) by Isaac Ouro-Gnao and Ashley KarrellArts Council England

Intergenerational Trauma by Isaac Ouro-Gnao & Ashley Karrell

Attempting to answer the question of which distressing experiences have been passed down from the generation that came before, Intergenerational Trauma by Isaac Ouro-Gnao and Ashley Karrell is a series of photographs that visual explore this very concept.

Conflict Minerals and Cabbages (2021) by Charlie Evaristo-BoycéArts Council England

Cabbage, part of Emergency? by Charlie Evaristo-Boycé

Fast forwarding to 2021 in the beach town of Margate Charlie Evaristo-Boyce’s Cabbage, part of Emergency? digital collages capture the uneasiness of navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and adjusting to much of the world being viewed through a screen.

Shopping (2021) by Charlie Evaristo-BoyceArts Council England

Shopping, part of Emergency? by Charlie Evaristo-Boycé

Untitled (Running Series) (2021) by Kat AndersonArts Council England

Untitled (Running Series) by Kat Anderson

(Running Series) brings together a selection of images and gifs featuring a roughly animated black male avatar. The avatar is seen running through several different terrains against the backdrop a black square - a symbol of the 2020 Black lives matter movement. The series leaves the audience questioning whether we can break the racial or political code of what is our current frame.

Credits: All media
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