Reality and Advertising at the Milan Fair

A constant aspect of every edition of the Milan Fair over its history was its editorial work

Pubblicità officine meccaniche e fonderie Arona (marzo 1963)Fondazione Fiera Milano

The Historical Archive holds copies of the house organ the fair published since the 1920s, a paper distributed over the days the Milan Fair was open, as well as thousands of catalogues for the exhibitions organized and hosted at Milan’s fairgrounds.

Pubblicità mobili metallici Angelo Portalupi (aprile 1934)Fondazione Fiera Milano

Mirror of society

The house organ and exhibition catalogues feature hundreds of images showing how the Milan Fair was a major platform and marketing stage for Italian companies to launch new products, showcase innovation in production techniques, and compare the technological advances made in entire sectors.

Pubblicità Marsala Florio Pubblicità Marsala Florio (aprile 1924) by Muggiani, GiorgioFondazione Fiera Milano

Pubblicità Lanital Snia Viscosa (aprile 1936) by Bianchi, AlbertoFondazione Fiera Milano

Pubblicità Singer (aprile 1951)Fondazione Fiera Milano

Pubblicità Agip (aprile 1957)Fondazione Fiera Milano

La Fiera di Milano. Quotidiano ufficiale. Anno III. Numero 1 (10 aprile 1922)Fondazione Fiera Milano

Illustrazione di porta Giulio Cesare della XXVIII Fiera Campionaria di Milano (aprile 1950) by Veneziani, Ubaldo CosimoFondazione Fiera Milano

The voice of the fair

The publications served a dual purpose. On one hand they were a service for exhibitors and visitors alike, as the catalogues enabled stands to be located within the fairgrounds, while the paper and guides informed visitors of events.

Pubblicità frigorifero Siltal (aprile 1959)Fondazione Fiera Milano

On the other, however, they were a means for the Fair Board to reach out to a general public and tell of its role as a national economic driver, through articles and editorials offering economic and technical analysis of all of Italy’s production sectors and industries, including tourism.

Catalogo ufficiale Fiera Campionaria Internazionale di Milano 1926 Catalogo ufficiale Fiera Campionaria Internazionale di Milano 1926 (aprile 1926)Fondazione Fiera Milano

Advertising as a lens for understanding the nation.

The fair’s publications feature thousands of advertisements for both large and small Italian firms and worldwide companies.

Pubblicità Muranite (aprile 1957)Fondazione Fiera Milano

With their slogans, graphics, and messages, the adverts cover the full range of the country’s industries—from heavy industry to food & beverages, fashion to toys, typewriters to automobiles. 

The sweeping panorama they form gives us a picture retracing the history of advertising in Italy.

Pubblicità Olivetti Lexikon 80 (aprile 1949)Fondazione Fiera Milano

Pubblicità Italsider (marzo 1963)Fondazione Fiera Milano

Pubblicità Campari (aprile 1961)Fondazione Fiera Milano

Pubblicità frigorifero Siltal (aprile 1961)Fondazione Fiera Milano

Pubblicità SILTAL - smalterie officine Abbiategrasso (MI) (aprile 1958)Fondazione Fiera Milano

Pubblicità Groppi Soda (aprile 1957) by Beldì, AldoFondazione Fiera Milano

Pubblicità Società Manifatture Falco (aprile 1948)Fondazione Fiera Milano

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