Milk Masterpieces: The World of Turkish Milk Desserts

Gracefully pirouetting your palate, these opulent milk desserts will surely leave you wanting more!

Su Muhallebisi Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Uncovering the Royal Origins of Turkish Milk Desserts

Once confined to the opulent royal kitchens of the Ottoman Empire, Turkish milk desserts have transcended borders and embraced the world with open arms!

A pudding shop table (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Although baklava remains a central symbol in Turkish culinary heritage, the country's dessert selection is far from limited.  Delving into Turkish dessert culture also reveals a treasure trove of milk-based desserts, each with its own unique recipe and taste profile.

Sweet treats after iftar in Ramadan (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Going beyond mere sweet indulgence, Turkish milk desserts hold a significant place in the culture as they are a gesture of Turkish hospitality, bringing families and friends together to cherish the dessert feast together.

Display of a pudding shop in Türkiye (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

In the Ottoman period, muhallebi, Turkish milk pudding, was a beloved dessert for palace celebrations and feasts. Even foreign authors like the English Pastor Robert Walsh praised it as a "tasty, refreshing treat” in his travelogue.

Since the 15th century, these desserts have been quite well-liked, with their journey even extending to Italian cuisine, leaving a lasting impression on none other than Pope Pius V. who was enchanted by the delectable flavours they offered.

Turkish rice pudding baked in oven, GoTürkiye, 2023, From the collection of: GoTürkiye
Kazandibi Dessert, GoTürkiye, 2023, From the collection of: GoTürkiye
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Tavuk Göğsü Dessert and a Cup of Turkish Tea (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

A Splendid Selection of Turkish Milk Desserts

A timeless journey through a divine selection of silky Turkish milk desserts!

Keşkül Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye


Muhallebi is a modest milk dessert with a creamy texture, adorned with crushed nuts, pistachios, or cinnamon for a cosy touch. This dessert is enjoyed chilled and offers a regal balance of milky and nutty flavours.

Turkish rice pudding baked in oven (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye


Like a refreshing oasis in the midst of a hot day, sütlaç is a delightful conclusion to a traditional Turkish meal. Served chilled, it brings rice, sugar, and milk, topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon, together for a cool, satisfying allure that is adored by many.

Milk Halva (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Süt Helvası (Milk Halva)

A heavenly treat from Bursa, süt helvası has a golden, caramelised crust with a generous garnish of crushed walnuts, hazelnuts, and cinnamon. Whether as a meal finale or a standalone delight, it promises a mouthwatering experience, celebrating the art of Turkish dessert cuisine.

Keşkül Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye


Almonds hold a special place in Turkish culture, with notable examples from Turkish poetry as they symbolise beauty and good fortune. Keşkül, a delightful variation of muhallebi enriched with abundant almonds, beautifully honours this cultural tradition with its exceptional taste.

Tavuk Göğsü Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye


In the world of muhallebi, one fascinating ingredient sets tavukgöğsü apart: shredded chicken, which provides a natural way to achieve the desired consistency of this dessert without the addition of artificial thickeners. The result? A delicate milk dessert with a silky texture!

Kazandibi Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye


From a kitchen accident to a divine dessert, kazandibi's journey proves how happy mistakes can create treasured delicacies! After a hearty meal, the eagerly anticipated kazandibi delights everyone with its wonderfully caramelised layer.

Turkish milk desserts take you on a delightful journey, where each indulgent bite reveals the divine pleasures of these milk wonders!

Güllaç Dessert: A Ramadan Specialty (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye


A delicate Ramadan delight, güllaç has been a staple since the royal kitchens of the Ottoman. Güllaç is made by cooking thin pastry sheets and soaking them in sweetened milk infused with rose water. The soft sheets are then layered to create a luscious dessert!

Güllaç Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

A distinctive feature of güllaç is its versatility for customisation. Between the thin yufka sheets, adding different types of nuts, especially walnuts, offers an intricate interplay of textures and flavours, creating a comforting dessert that is especially perfect for summer days.

Milk and dried fig pudding (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

İncir Uyutması (Turkish Fig Dessert)

A light and healthy addition to the Turkish dessert menu; incir uyutması brings the world-renowned Turkish figs to your plate in the tastiest way possible! Simmered in milk and mixed with cinnamon and honey, figs form a satiny paste, then chilled in the fridge for a cooling taste.

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