Dini the Wavy: The Newcomer Making Waves

Reflections of acclaimed rising star Dini the Wavy

Homecoming Voices: Dini, The Wavy (2019)Original Source: Homecoming Festival

Meet rising star Dini the Wavy who is a rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer from Lagos, Nigeria. He describes his style of music as Afro-fusion, cutting across different genres, from Afrobeats to hip hop.

Dini the Wavy performing onstage (2019) by @deeds_artOriginal Source: Homecoming Festival

Dini the Wavy was selected as one of Homecoming’s New Artists for 2019. Homecoming Festival issued an open call for young musicians to apply for the chance to appear onstage at the 2019 festival in Lagos. Dini, along with two other young artists beat thousands of applicants and performed rapturously alongside an all-star line up at the festival.

Here Dini the Wavy tells us why Lagos is so exciting

Dini the Wavy performing onstage (2019) by @deeds_artOriginal Source: Homecoming Festival

What can the world learn from Nigeria?
We adapt quickly to anything, opportunity doesn't come knocking we chase it, the truth is Santa doesn't come bearing gifts for the kids here, you go out there to get what you think you deserve and if you can survive here you can thrive anywhere. Nigerians have a crazy sense of humor, we find everything funny, even the most messed up situations. I think every typical Nigerian is an eternal optimist. We always find a way to be happy.

Woman selling fuit (2019)Original Source: Homecoming Festival

If you were to show the ‘best of Lagos’ to someone who has never been, what would the day look like?
It depends on how we start? In a Danfo or in a Uber ride? We could go to the Balogun market, try out some of the street food in Ikorodu. There's this joint I know, Kowope. I love the food. We could go to the Kalakuta Museum or the New Afrika Shrine for all things Fela. I love Fela Kuti. Nike Art Gallery is also one of my favorite places around. Or the Beachside. There's a whole lot to see in Lagos.

The audience at Homecoming (2019) by @deeds_artOriginal Source: Homecoming Festival

What fuels Lagos’ creative energy?
Innovation. Lagos is a hub for dreamers and doers. Lately, it's all about expression and inclusion, everybody is open to the unknown and there are endless possibilities to what you can achieve right now, I think this keeps everyone going. You don't blink in Lagos City.

Lagos from above (2019)Original Source: Homecoming Festival

Where and to whom do you look for inspiration?
I look around me and within me for inspiration. There are endless stories to tell and crazy pictures to portray. People go through a whole lot, good and bad times. Someone has to tell these stories.

Homecoming show tickets (2019) by @deeds_artOriginal Source: Homecoming Festival

What is the most defining moment in your career?
I would say it was when I actually started to believe in myself. I was in the studio with Adey, the guy who produced my song Elegushi, he said a few things that day, That sparked a change in how I began to create my music.

Show - Homecoming (Easter Weekend, 2018) by HomecomingHomecoming

Who has had the biggest impact on you and why?
I love Drake. He talks openly about his mistakes and achievements like you can actually tell some fractions of his life just from his art. He discarded every stereotype about how music should be while making everything so relatable. You know, embracing your faults and celebrating your accomplishments. Drake is my go-to guy. No doubt.

Guys at Homecoming Festival (2019)Original Source: Homecoming Festival

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the industry today?
Take your power in your own hands, I mean put out stuff regardless, quality stuff though. Keep improving and find opportunities to put out what you have. I mean, I'm just learning to do this, imagine if you start earlier ?

DJ Obi and DJ Bristar onstage (2019) by @deeds_artOriginal Source: Homecoming Festival

If Lagos had its own soundtrack, what tune would it be?
If Lagos had its own soundtrack, it definitely would be 'Ja Ara E' by Burna Boy. It tells how Lagos is - in melodies. Life in Lagos is fast-paced. You have to "Ja Ara E." You know, release yourself, shine your eyes! Be smart!

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Homecoming thanks Dini the Wavy for his involvement in making this exhibit happen!

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