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Ballroom Throwbacks/Destination Tomorrow

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Icon Meeka Prodigy AlphaOmega "Catwoman" POCC Ball (2004-08) by Ballroom ThrowbacksBallroom Throwbacks/Destination Tomorrow

The Malicious Cat Woman

Meeka is known for Butch Queen Vogue Femme, and Femme Queen Performance. She is the founding mother of the House of Prodigy. Her most notable performance is when she came as Catwoman, where she won first place at the 2004, POCC Ball.

Meeka Ebony Prodigy Junior Sex Siren Philadelphia (2001-08) by Ballroom ThrowbacksBallroom Throwbacks/Destination Tomorrow

Meet Meeka


Meeka came onto the scene in the Black Era, 1995. She found ballroom on the Christopher Street Piers, as the sun was setting, and the sound of deep house pierced the ear. In a sea of voguers, she found home.

"I was loved, I came from love - until my mother realized that she didn’t have the capacity anymore to love a child like me. But whatever she gave me, that was enough. Through the ballroom community, I was able to connect with people who taught me that I deserve to have an abundantly joyous life."

Sinia & her Daughters NYC Legends Ball (2000-05) by Ballroom ThrowbacksBallroom Throwbacks/Destination Tomorrow


“I had never met another Black queer kid. To see kids identifying that way, as queer and Black…  to see people actively identifying that way was amazing. I was like - Oh my god, there are people like me!”

You cannot hide who you are - to be on stage and have the spotlight shown on you - agonizing experience - to come to Ballroom, and want to be seen. We celebrate this energy, and femininity and beauty. Ballroom has saved a lot of lives

Iconic Queen Mother Meeka ALPHAOMEGA NYC Latex Ball (2022-06-18) by Obi DoesBallroom Throwbacks/Destination Tomorrow


Self love is the spirit that we were born with that says, "this is who I’m supposed to be." There’s also this other thing that tries to crush our spirit - the people that loved you are no longer here, so you become that for someone else.

Icon Meeka Prodigy AlphaOmega FQ Foot & Eyewear (2003-12) by Ballroom ThrowbacksBallroom Throwbacks/Destination Tomorrow


"At the base of ballroom is resilience. Members of the community have been thrown out from their homes, and have had to be resilient. Ballroom served as a community and family. Today, there is little difference; however, there are more opportunities for young people to develop livelihood."

Queen Mother Meeka ALPHAOMEGA Grand March Haus of ALPHAOMEGA ANARCHY BALL (2023-03-11) by Alan MozesBallroom Throwbacks/Destination Tomorrow

Performance is Revolution

"Ballroom is a liberation movement. Ballroom is a civil rights movement."

"It is important to keep the community at the center of the movement, and to make sure that they have a hand in crafting the narrative that was birthed out of a liberationist movement. It's also important that these stories remain the center of the Black liberation experience."

Spotlight Interview with Meeka

Icon Meeka decides to do an in depth interview with Ceasar Williams about her ballroom & personal history.

Hear Me Roar

Meeka's Iconic Performance as Catwoman at NYC POCC Ball 2004 at Prospect Park.


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