Traditional Recipes: How to Make Mazamorra

A step-by-step guide to making a dessert from the Spanish colonial era


La mazamorra (1927) by Fernando FADERGustar

Dishes similar to what are now called mazamorra were eaten in the Mayan and Aztec empires, from where this particular use of corn originated and then became widespread. It featured heavily in Argentinian colonial life and is still very popular in the regions of Cuyo and Northeastern Argentina.

The artist Fernando Fader was born in Francia in 1882, but radicated in Mendoza, Argentina. In this artwork, titled "La Mazamorra", the artist aludes to this traditional dessert from colonial times.

Condimentos (2021-01-25/2021-02-01) by Humberto MartinezGustar

The corn, a big protagonist amongst American dishes, must be soak for one night ahead of the preparation of this recipe.

Heladería by Leo LibermanGustar

After softing it on fire, the corn is finally cooked in milk. This last step is inherent to the Argentinian version of the recipe.

Ingredientes anchi (2021-01-11/2021-01-12) by Humberto MartinezGustar

Like in other Argentinian recipes, like arroz con leche, it is customary for the milk to be flabored with cinammon sticks.

The mazamorra can also be flavored with zest from citrus fruits like limes and oranges.

Ingredientes anchi (2021-01-11/2021-01-12) by Humberto MartinezGustar

After slowcooking, when the mazamorra become thick, the sugar is added so that it dissolved in the milk's heat.

The mazamorra can also be accompanied by raisins. This delicious dessert is served garnished by some powedered cinnamon.

Receta mazamorraGustar

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