The Real Nature Beyond the Internet

We wish many forests will become your backyard garden, and will be inherited to the future generations

Cyberforest Point Map (2021-06-10) by Kaoru Saito, CyberforesterUniversity of Tokyo

9 Point Sound Sequence

Connecting to Primeval Forest and Desert Island and so on

Let's listen to the sounds from 9 places. Doesn't it feel like these natures come surrounding us?
Starred places use solar batteries and satellite communications to broadcast 7 hours a day.
Circled places use commercial power and optical networks for non-stop broadcast.

Natural Beech forest (2021-06-03) by Kaoru Saito, CyberforesterUniversity of Tokyo

Forest of Silence at ghostly hour

Point 1. UTokyo Natural Beech Chichibu Forest #tetto

Let's listen to recordings from May 13th, 2019, 2:00 AM. We can hear animals moving and birds singing "It is Two AM".
Clock in front of the mic tells us the time to check the recorded time and for ornithologists research. (Chichibu, Saitama)
Live sound 
Sound archive

Yatake Artificial forest surrounded by natural forest (2021-06-03) by Kaoru Saito, CyberforesterUniversity of Tokyo

Two green-pigeon at Yatake

Point 2. UTokyo Chichibu Artificial Forest #yatake

This forest, surrounded by a natural forest, is beautiful at the morning sun shining across the valley. April 29th, 2014, 4:58 AM, birds are humming to tell daybreak. White-bellied green pigeon is especially notable with a relaxing tone. (Chichibu, Saitama) Yatake Live page

Tsunami-devastated seashore (2021-06-17) by Kaoru Saito, CyberforesterUniversity of Tokyo

Sea birds and the faint sound of waves and fishing boat engines

Point 3. UTokyo Int'l Coastal Res. Center, Otsuchi #otohama

June 26th, 2015, 3:55 AM, we can hear the birds, waves, and sounds of fishing boats. The photo on the top is the Center, where the Tsunami hit during the Great East Japan Earthquake on 2011 March 11th.  A live sound streaming started in 2 months after that. (Otsuchi, Iwate) otohama_live

Shigakogen Nagano (2021-06-21) by Kaoru Saito, CyberforesterUniversity of Tokyo

Love Songs of Forest green tree frogs in wind at night

Point 4. Shinshu Univ. Nature Education Park in Shiga Heights #otanomo

July 10th, 2019, 10:57 PM, forest green tree frog's call is echoing. Tree phenology research started in 1986, and Cyberforest monitoring added in 2011. This place is part of Shiga Highland Biosphere Reserve, it's also an environmental educational forest. (Yamanouchi, Nagano) otanomo_live

Fuji Iyashinomori Woodland (2021-06-10) by Kaoru Saito, CyberforesterUniversity of Tokyo

Antler thrusting sound of a male shika-deer fighting

Point 5. UTokyo Fuji Iyashinomori Woodland Study Center #yamanakako

November 29th, 2015, 3:33 PM, two male deers are fighting.
Altitude of 1000m, base of Mt. Fuji, Lake Yamanakako has a micrphones and web-cams in the experimental forest of Japanese Larch. It's also part of a national park. (Yamanakako, Yamanashi) yamanakako_live

Funadaike pond Point (2021-06-20) by Kaoru Saito, CyberforesterUniversity of Tokyo

Common bullfrog love songs

Point 6. Funada-ike Pond, Chiba Natural History Museum #funadaike

May 13th, 2016, 7:28 AM, we can hear the bull frogs' calls, which were originally imported as food. American was surprised to hear this, so we explained this by email. The Pond was a reservoir during the Edo period. On the lakeside, there is a bird observation hut. (Chiba, Chiba)sound archives , image archive

Funakoshi Ohshima uninhabited island (2021-06-10) by Kaoru Saito, CyberforesterUniversity of Tokyo

Streaked Shearwater chick and mother bird sound in nest hole

Point 7. Uninhabited Island, Streaked Shearwater nesting colony #tabushima

At 3:33 AM on September 14th, 2019, the baby bird is chirping and later the mother in the burrow is calling in a low voice. Streaked shearwater comes every April, the egg hatches around August, and November they goes back to the south. (Yamada, Iwate) Sound archive , Image archive

Nurse log gap space (2021-06-24) by Kaoru Saito, CyberforesterUniversity of Tokyo

Woodpecker's drumming sounds among dawn chorus

Point 8. , UTokyo Hokkaido Maeyama Reserved Forest #maeyama

June 22nd, 2021, 4:05 AM, we can hear two woodpecker drumming. When a yezo spruce tree grows upon a fallen tree, we call it Nurse Log. For observation, this one tree which fell around 2011, has a mic and camera around the root of the tree.(Furano, Hokkaido)
live sound , image archive

Ashiu #KyotoUriverside Point (2021-06-24) by Kaoru Saito, CyberforesterUniversity of Tokyo

The sound of a clear stream deep in the mountains of Kyoto

Point 9. Yura Riverside Side, KyotoU Ashiu #KyotoUriverside

May 5th 2020, 10:18 PM, we can hear the diva of the clear river, Buergeria buergeri's songs. Kyoto Univ. Ashiu Forest, Locus Sonus, The French Public Higher Schools of Art, and UTokyo Cyberforest, teamed up to set this  microphones. (Miyama, Kyoto)Live Sound , Sound Archive

Changes in recording media (2021-06-20) by Kaoru Saito, CyberforesterUniversity of Tokyo

The Change of Recording Media, of Cyberforest Archives

Hi-8 videotape started in 1995, in 2001 DV-CAM (professional digital videotape), then to satellite network, sending the digital datas to the university's server since 2010. Cyberforest , part1 , part2 All datas are CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. Contact the university for commercial usage.

Video Audio Studio of Cyberforest (2021-06-20) by Kaoru Saito, CyberforesterUniversity of Tokyo

Online Lectures Using Cyberforest

Experimental education using the Ministry of Internal Affairs network was held. This photo was taken in 2009, during a collaboration between an elementary school's science lab and Kashiwa Campus. (Kashiwa, Chiba)
Forest Information Infrastructure for Environmental Education

Timeline of Cyberforest (2021-06-17) by Kaoru Saito, CyberforesterUniversity of Tokyo

Cyberforest 1995-2021

1st period: 1995-2002, Robot cameras were placed, and struggle for fixing stable operation.
2nd period 2003-2009:  Website, DVDs and Online lectures.
3rd period 2010-2021: Live sound started.This has been hearing via Internet,  used for Birds Census / results, and an international, Reveil.

Photos of Cyberforest 9 sites (2021-06-21) by Kaoru Saito, CyberforesterUniversity of Tokyo

9 Point Sound Sequence

Looking Back at the Cyberforest's Live Monitoring Point

Elevation at each point
1. #tetto  1200m
2. #yatake 1000m
3. #otohama 5m
4. #otanomo 1600m
5. #yamanakako 1000m
6. #funadaike 20m
7. #tabushima 50m
8.#maeyama 600m
9. #KyotoUriverside 460m

Credits: Story

     This story was produced over a period of five months from February to June 2021.
     Photo:  Kaoru Saito, Akio Fujiwara, the Cyberforest's photo archive(point 6), UT Fuji Iyashinomori Woodland Study Center
     Sound: the Cyberforest live sounds recording archive 
(point1) (point2) (point3) (point4) (point5) (point6) (point7) (point8) (point9)

     Producer: Kaoru Saito, Akio Fujiwara, Kazuhiko Nakamura
     Editor: Kaoru Saito

Credits: All media
The story featured may in some cases have been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content.
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