The Power Of Flowers In The Live's Of The Women Of Carakana

Slow down and (virtually) smell the scented flowers that beautify our environment, all elegantly hand stitched by the women of Carakana.

Assorted Roses in a Basket (2018/2018) by Lilian AwinoOriginal Source: Carakana

Transforming Lives One Stitch at a Time

Carakana is a community based organisation that helps marginalised women transform their lives through the art of cross stitching. Here women in prisons, living with disability and recovering from substance abuse share how they convert a needle and thread into an income.

3 Piece Pink and Yellow Flowers in a Field (2018/2018) by StellaOriginal Source: Carakana

Entrepreneurial Mind

"I am stella, a mother of three living with a disability. Cross stitching has helped me support my family and I know that disability is not inability. The proceeds have helped me start a livestock business and I am so grateful for this opportunity, Carakana!" 

Purple Flowers (2018/2018) by ZipporahOriginal Source: Carakana

Helping Hand

"I am Zipporah, a separated mother of one who is incarcerated. I paid university fees for my child from behind bars, something I never thought would have been possible. This project has enabled me take care of my needs as well because my family does not come to visit me."

Pot with Multi-Coloured Flowers (2018/2018) by SabinaOriginal Source: Carakana

Patience is a Virtue

"I am a recovering addict called Sabina. Cross stitching has taught me to be patient. I saved the money and will use it to buy some cross stitching and crocheting materials once I leave the rehabilitation.Thank you Carakana for helping with my recovery!"

Blue Roses (2021/2021) by Rael BusieneiOriginal Source: Carakana

No More Blues

"I am Rael, I really enjoyed stitching. With the payment received, I was able to pay school fees for my children. The payment came just as schools were opening and I was relieved of the financial stress I used to face during the beginning of the year. Thanks Carakana."

Purple Flowers (2019/2019) by CherotichOriginal Source: Carakana

Blossoming Life

"I am Cherotich, a mother of three living with disability. I am forever grateful to Carakana. Through the payment for my work, I have been able to start my own dairy business. I am now independent and can fend for my family."

Potted Flowers (2019/2019) by EvelynOriginal Source: Carakana

Life After Prison

"I am Evelyn currently imprisoned. My family does not come to visit and I refuse to burden them. Through Carakana, I am able to support myself and my grandmother who raised me. I look forward to starting a new business upon my upcoming release using the proceeds from stitching."

Red Flowers in a Vase (2021/2021) by FelistaOriginal Source: Carakana

Working Without Employment

"I am Felista, living with a disability. Working with Carakana, I realized there are many ways to earn a living and one does not have to be limited to formal employment. With my payment, I expanded my business and became more creative with other work involving fabric."

Yellow and Orange Flowers in a Vase (2019/2019) by MukamiOriginal Source: Carakana

Building Dreams

"I am Mukami, a caregiver. I'm really grateful for this project which has enabled me to support my mother in building our house back at home. I really thank God for this great opportunity. God bless Carakana.”

Flowers in a Blue Vase (2019/2019) by KambuaOriginal Source: Carakana

Dignity Restored

"I am Kambua, living with a disability. Before joining Carakana, I would work odd jobs to make ends meet and take care of my family. Cross stitching has helped me earn income and I hope to start a business which I never thought was possible. I am forever grateful to Carakana.”

3 Part Green and Blue Flower (2018/2018) by AnneOriginal Source: Carakana

First Steps Are Always Hardest

"I am Anne, a person living with disability.  My experience working on it was challenging at first but eventually, I got used to it and it became easier.  I used the money to pay for my college fees, thanks to Carakana!" 

Red and Purple Flowers in a Basket (2018/2018) by TimothyOriginal Source: Carakana

Motivated To Work

"I am Timothy, a person living with disabilities. Though this pattern was challenging I pushed myself and worked hard to produce good work.  I am thankful to Carakana for considering people living with disabilities and empowering them where society fails them."

White Flowers in a Vase (2018/2018) by Millie TabbyOriginal Source: Carakana

Life Changer

"I am Millie, a recovering alcoholic. Stitching has become part of our therapy. Upon completion of my rehabilitation program, I intend to go and pick my baby from the children’s home and start a business to sustain us. God bless Carakana for making my rehabilitation easier."

Various Potted Flowers (2019/2019) by MargaretOriginal Source: Carakana

Turning Point

"I am Margaret, a widow and mother who is imprisoned.  Through stitching, my life has taken a turn for the better . I am able to send money home for his needs and he does not have to feel like an orphan. My health also improved once the worry reduced, it gives me peace."

Yellow Roses in a Vase (2019/2019) by JaneOriginal Source: Carakana

Children's Needs Catered For

"I am Jane, currently incarcerated. This project has helped me secure my children from roaming in the streets , it has ensured that all my children’s needs are well taken care of. It has also helped me utilize my time better. Thank you Carakana, our lives are transformed."   

Assorted Roses in a Vase (2019/2019) by MatildaOriginal Source: Carakana

Stitching To A Bright Future

"I am Matilda, a young lady. Most of the time my parents did not have money for my school fees and upkeep and it was a real struggle.  Thanks to Carakana, the money I earned went into paying for my own university fees and some I can send to my family to keep them going." 

Flower Bouquet Arrangement (2021/2021) by AgnesOriginal Source: Carakana

Healing For Her

"I am Agnes, a married mother of one currently imprisoned. I have been receiving treatment and the payment has enabled me to meet my medical costs.  I feel very happy to send money home for upkeep of my family. Stitching has also eased stress. Carakana has changed my life!"

Red Roses in a Jug (2018/2018) by EvelynOriginal Source: Carakana

Easing The Burden

"I am Evelyn, currently incarcerated. With what I have earned, I use to support myself because my family does not come to visit me. I also send money to support my grandmother who raised me. I have hope when I'm released to start business and be an upstanding member of society."

White Flowers in a Garden (2019/2019) by EdithOriginal Source: Carakana

Assured Of Children's Education

"I am Edith, a widowed mother of two sons. The money earned from the project has helped me take care of my children's school fees. I know without cross stitch, I wouldn't have been able to afford their fees. Carakana has really transformed my life. Thank you so much." 

Beautiful Red Roses (2021/2021) by DamarisOriginal Source: Carakana

Roses For Peace

"I am Damaris, living with a disability. I’m glad I learnt a new skill and experienced a new way of easing my mind from the many worries of life.  I used the money from the project to boost my chicken rearing venture. I am very grateful that Carakana."

Red Flowers on a branch (2021/2021) by AwenaOriginal Source: Carakana

Enabled In Disability

" I am Awena, a person living with disability. Since we started our collaboration with Carakana, our lives have been transformed for better. Stitching has provided us with capital to start businesses, which were only a dream for most of us. We truly appreciate Carakana “

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