Creating A Home Through Carakana

Home is where the heart is, everyone likes a welcoming house with beautiful decorated walls. Enjoy the relaxing, calming and warm ambience of home created by the women of Carakana.

Cottage Near Trees (2015/2018) by NaomiOriginal Source: Carakana

Welcome Home Carakana

Carakana is a community based organisation that helps marginalised women transform their lives through the art of cross stitching. Here women in prisons, living with disability and recovering from substance abuse share how they convert a needle and thread into an income. 

Cottage near a Stream (2021/2021) by Ivy ChepkorirOriginal Source: Carakana

Bread Winner

"I am Ivy Chepkorir, a 20-year-old student. I come from a family of nine children and a single mother. The money made from cross stitching has been a windfall for us. I have contributed to school fees for my siblings. The project has given us hope for a better tomorrow."

Cottage Besides a Stream (2018/2018) by GraceOriginal Source: Carakana

Much Needed Help

"I am Grace, a mother to a child living with cerebral palsy and as such he is very dependent on me. Cross stitching has allowed me to support him from working at home as I take care of him. I also go through a lot emotionally but cross stitching helps me relieve stress."

Cottage Near Trees and a Stream (2018/2018) by Valentine MusimbiOriginal Source: Carakana

Hardwork Pays

"I am Valentine, living with a disability, I have always worked very hard to provide for my family. I am grateful Carakana has made it easier by giving us something to work on from our homes and we can use the proceeds to start businesses to help us in the long term."

Beautiful Blue Roofed Cottage (2018/2018) by Alice WangariOriginal Source: Carakana

Never Forgotten

"I am Alice, living with a disability. This project has helped me in taking care of my family and  I feel very motivated to know that disability is never inability. The disabled are sometimes forgotten in the society but we are grateful to Carakana for coming to our aid." 

4 Piece Cottage Pattern (2019/2019) by SarahOriginal Source: Carakana

Answered Prayer

“I am Sarah, a person living with disability. My family had undergone a lot of hardship and Carakana program came as an  answered prayer. From the earnings of stitching, I have been able to support my parents and siblings. This has turned our home around. Thanks Carakana!"

Cottage Surrounded by Trees (2018/2018) by MashirimaOriginal Source: Carakana

God Sent Help

"I am Mashirima, a single mother of one who is imprisoned. My family lives in Tanzania and my sister visits me once in a while. I take care of my needs in prison without having to burden them. The money I earned went to clearing my medical bills. May God bless Carakana!"

Cottage in the Woods (2019/2019) by DorcasOriginal Source: Carakana

Helping Hand

“I am Dorcas, a married mother of three, currently imprisoned. The project has paid me enough money to take care of my needs here in prison  such as groceries and  personal hygiene products. When I leave prison, I will be a productive member of society. May God bless Carakana!"

Cottage Near Trees (2015/2018) by NaomiOriginal Source: Carakana

When You Need A Friend

"I am Naomi, currently imprisoned. The money I have made has helped me take care of my children back at home. I left them when they were very young and in the care of my sister; but now they are mature and I am proud that I could take care of them even from prison."

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