How Mama Rachel Ruto's Love of Cross Stitch Led to the Founding of Carakana

Discover how Carakana came into existence and how the organisation is transforming the lives of marginalised people in Kenya

Determined Women (2019/2019) by Brian KaneneOriginal Source: Carakana

What is Carakana?

Carakana is a social enterprise which facilitates the transfer and preservation of indigenous skills and cross stitching, in production of quality handmade items for sustainable livelihoods and wellbeing of vulnerable groups.

Who we work with as Carakana (2022/2022) by Brian KaneneOriginal Source: Carakana

The woman behind the initiative

Carakana was initiated by Her Excellency Rachel Ruto who saw the urgent need to empower vulnerable groups in Kenya . 

Patron's Love For Cross Stitch Turned Into Creative Empowerment For Carakana Beneficiaries. (2018/2018) by Brian KaneneOriginal Source: Carakana

Creative empowerment

Her Excellency  realized that through training marginalized people in craft, not only could their creative voices shine but they could also use their skill to support themselves and their families.

Patron Meeting With Carakana Beneficiaries (2018/2018) by Brian KaneneOriginal Source: Carakana

Mama Rachel Ruto Meeting With Some Carakana Beneficiaries

From time to time , Mama Rachel meets with Carakana beneficiaries to catch up on their cross stitching journey and give them hope.

The Patron's cornerCarakana

Meet our remarkable patron

Her Excellency Rachel Ruto is a thought leader on financial inclusion and women economic empowerment. Through her leadership, she has become a role model for women and a champion on Faith Diplomacy, Food Systems Innovation, Nutrition, Mental Health and Wellness, Inclusivity, Climate Change and Entrepreneurship.

Several Women Economic Empowerment Initiatives (2019/2019) by PatronOriginal Source: Carakana

Carakana and more

Her Excellency founded the Joyful Women Organization, the first program of Mama, under which Carakana also falls, in 2009. Since then, Mama has grown into a much larger organization which, through different initiatives, tackles the societal problems  marginalized women face.

The Patron Speaking In A Forum (2021/2021) by PatronOriginal Source: Carakana

Thought Leadership

In 2021, she was appointed by the African Union Commission (AUC) and the World Economic Forum (WEF) as one of the high level Champions on the AU Decade on Women Economic Empowerment and Financial Inclusion.

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