How to be Loud When We’re Told to be Quiet

What’s important to young people right now? BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art's Foundation Club worked with 13-19 year old’s to uncover the answers.

Lockdown (2020-07-12) by BALTIC Centre for Contemporary ArtArts Council England

At BALTIC’s Foundation Club, young people from across the North took part in online workshops and critical discussions with artists AK, Zoe Allen, Mat Fleming, Mani Kambo, Zoe Murtagh and Laura Stutter Garcia.

Working closely with the artists, the group of 13-19 year olds created film, animation and poetry celebrating their voices: how to be loud when they’re often told to be quiet.  

Focusing on how to be loud when they’re so often told to be quiet and patient, these are the things young people care about. These are the things they want to change.   

A Collage of Images and Sounds (2020-08-20) by HopeArts Council England

"A Collage of Images and Sounds" by Hope

Zoom Protests (2020-09-09) by BALTIC Centre for Contemporary ArtArts Council England

Foundation Club Collective used quick activities to channel young people's ideas and voices. One of the exercises, organised by artists Zoe Murtagh and Laura Stutter Garcia, asked the group to...

1. Think of something you’re angry about
2. Decide on a slogan or phrase you would say about it
3. Make a placard using anything in your house – you have five minutes... go!

Stop and Think (2020-09-01) by BetsyArts Council England

"Stop and Think" by Betsy

"My message is made from different coloured letter beads. I chose this message because I loved how open it was to interpretation by each person that reads it. I thought of how important it is to think about our impact on the environment.”

Other messages included:

"No-one needs a billion dollars" by Beck
(written on Amazon packaging)

"Art is Important" by Kika
(written in clay on newspaper)

"Stop destroying the planet" by Alasdair
(written on food packaging for chicken)

"Make your voice heard" by Eilidh
(written on front of her sketchbook)

What Happens Next? (2020-09-01) by BetsyArts Council England

"What happens next?" by Betsy

Inaquality (2020-08-22) by BALTIC ArtMixArts Council England

"Inequality" by ArtMix and Foundation Club Collective

Assembled by members of ArtMix at BALTIC and re-edited for 2020 with the Foundation Club Collective, this film sees young people collaboratively 'extract' language from BALTIC’s vinyl text panels, signs and information leaflets. They then forge their own stories about voice, equality, history, religion and society’s own levels of comfort. 

This is my statement (2020-09-23) by BALTIC Centre for Contemporary ArtArts Council England

“Language is how we communicate with each other, and how we understand personalities, desires, hates, fears, dreams. Here, the members of ArtMix have re-framed language to reveal some of their most profound thoughts on issues of equality. The resulting text, definitions, poems, statements and speeches are abstract, inspirational, political, sometimes positive, sometimes negative and, on occasion, scarily true.”
- BALTIC ArtMix 

The Colour of the Future (2020-09-05) by BALTIC Foundation ClubArts Council England

"The Colour of the Future" by Foundation Club Collective

Digesting the words (2020-08-14) by HopeArts Council England

"Digesting the Words" by Hope

“Language can be a valuable agent in productive change. Let's use it more.”

If I was PM for the day... (2020-08-29) by BALTIC Foundation ClubArts Council England

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