The Land of Cows, Milk, and Cheese!

Over 150 varieties to suit all tastes can be found in the country

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Argentina has a long tradition of cheese making. The influences of immigration fused with local customs, resulting in a very unique and broad identity. In fact, it is estimated that over 150 varieties of cheese are produced in the country.

According to statistics from the Argentinian National Industrial Technology Institute published in 2015, Argentina is the biggest consumer of cheese in Latin America, with 26 pounds (12 kg) eaten annually per capita.

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While cheese consumption in the country is not as high as France or the United States, in 2016, Argentina was the seventh biggest producer of cheeses worldwide, producing around 500,000 tonnes each year.

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The Start of It All

One of the key drivers of this prolific production of Argentinian cheeses is the country’s strong dairy tradition. The most important dairy basins are located in the provinces of Santa Fe, Córdoba and Buenos Aires, Entre Ríos, La Pampa, Corrientes, and Río Negro.

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According to a survey by the Argentinian National Dairy Authority, the country has approximately 670 milk plants. In 2020, a total of 2.444 billion gallons (11.113 billion liters) of milk were produced in Argentina.

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While so many types of cheese are produced in Argentina, the Argentinian Association for Small- and Medium-Sized Dairy Businesses notes that the six most consumed varieties are Cremoso (Quartirolo), Port Salut, Mozzarella, Tybo, Sardo, and Reggianito.

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Local Essence

Though some of the cheeses are traditionally from other countries like France or Holland, their flavors are clearly different, and they adopt a strong local quality thanks to the raw ingredients and different methods of preparation.

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Cheeses With an Argentinian Identity

The country has significant production of local cheeses, depending on the province, including Tafí (Tucumán), Goya (Corrientes), Chubut (Chubut), Mar del Plata, and Tandil (both from the province of Buenos Aires), and many more. 

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Distinct Flavors

Cheeses are distinguished by their moisture content and their fat content. Another important differentiation is the type of milk used to make them, which greatly changes their flavor. The most commonly used milks in Argentina are cow, sheep, and goat.

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Sheep Milk Cheese

Sheep dairy farming grew tremendously in Argentina during the 1980s and 1990s as another alternative for small farms that produced meat or wool. 

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Cheeses made with cow milk are definitely still the most popular, but recently, sheep and goat milk cheeses have gained a lot of popularity as local consumers have adjusted their palates to these different flavors.

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How to Eat

Somewhat hard cheeses or cheeses with more sophisticated flavors are fundamentally eaten as part of picadas – Argentinian finger food. Mozzarella is the cheese of choice for pizzas, and reggianito is a delicacy for grating and sprinkling over fresh pasta dishes.

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The Grilling Star

Provoleta is a semi-hard pulled-curd cheese with a low moisture content, made with cow milk. It is a favorite for putting on the grill and eating on its own or with an asado.

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Along the Ruta del Queso

There are many Argentinian provinces where all varieties of the country’s cheeses can be tasted. In the Buenos Aires locality of Suipacha is the Ruta del Queso (Cheese Tour), which comprises different establishments, where visitors can learn about and try over 40 exquisite varieties.

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In the province of Córdoba, the night of our cheeses (La noche de nuestros quesos) takes place every year to let visitors get to know local producers and test their creations. In addition, Argentina celebrates Cheese week (Semana del queso) every year with tasting sessions all across the country.

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