Delicacies from Formosa, in a Menu of Four Steps

A journey through the cookery of the Norte Grande

Treasures of the Norte Grande

Bordered by the rivers Pilcomayo, Paraguay, Bermejo, and Teuco, Formosa is a paradise of biodiversity. Culturally, it is marked by the legacy of its indigenous people, Spanish colonization, and the Jesuit missions in the 18th century.

The gastronomy of Formosa is a very valuable cultural heritage that is passed down through families, from generation to generation, and associated with many emotional moments in a person’s life, and in the ties of a community.

Cocina formoseñaGustar

Sopa paraguaya

One of the most popular recipes among families in Formosa. It is a baked dish made from corn starch, eggs, cheese, and onion.

Cocina formoseñaGustar

The curious part is that many visitors who are not familiar with sopa paraguaya (which, literally translated, means Paraguayan soup) are surprised to discover that this dish is a solid soup, so to speak, and not a traditional soup.

Empanadas argentinasGustar

Empanadas from Formosa

Aside from the fish empanadas, the charqui empanada (from the Quechua term charki, a type of dehydrated meat typical in Andean and southern regions of South America) is one of the most representative of the province.

Empanadas argentinasGustar

For the charqui filling, the meat is boiled until soft enough to cut into pieces, and then ground in a mortar, before being mixed with tomato purée, garlic, vegetables, egg, and chili powder. Once cooled, the discs are filled and then fried in hot fat.

Cocina formoseñaGustar

Buffalo meat burger

A new gastronomic offering in Formosa, which is growing in popularity among visitors. The raw ingredient is meat from buffalo farms in the province, which is celebrated as a lean, tasty meat.


A staple in every kitchen in north-east Argentina, cassava is delicious fried or baked, and is often used as a natural substitute for potato in many typical dishes of the region.

Cocina formoseñaGustar

Papaya jelly with cheese

Papaya is a typical fruit that is widespread and well known in a large part of the north of the country. Together with artisan cheese, it constitutes the seal of quality and identification in Formosa.

Cocina formoseñaGustar

Papaya jelly with cheese is, without doubt, one of the most typical desserts in the region, and the most popular among visitors.

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