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MatmatahLe Mila

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The origins

Upton Park is originally a music publishing company created in 2003 by Julien Banes. Launched to accompany the rock band "Matmatah", of which Julien was the manager since the very beginning, the adventure between friends has turned into a successful artistic enterprise. 

BiggerLe Mila

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From London to Paris 18

The name Upton Park comes from a district of London, near West Ham, where Julien's family lived. The company moved to rue Blémont in 2011, after passing through the Mila hub for a year where he found a real artistic buzz.

Merchandising (2020) by KopetoLe Mila

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The label's premises are a former dentist's office. What we particularly like are the vinyls, the gold records and the posters of past tours on the walls. Results of months of work on an artistic project, it is always a pleasure to see the fruits of it.


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The mutation with the record crisis of 2009

With the crisis of the record industry, Upton Park had to expand and take on other missions. The constant changes are intrinsic to the music business. The publisher Upton Park started to produce the records of its artists and became a label.

Offices (2020) by KopetoLe Mila

The objective is to support our artists in all areas (publishing, production, promotion, distribution). Here, adaptation is essential and many things are learned on the job with the evolution of the music business.

Grand PalladiumLe Mila

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This is one of the most interesting missions. Trying to find original strategies of development and diffusion for each artist, which adapts to each project. 

For example, for our latest project, the rock band "The Hyenas", we created a vintage video game to promote the video of their single "It never stops". And that's what the music business is all about. It never stops.

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