Lucienne Bestall, Ivana Ivkovic, and Pierre Dalpe

Meet our artists-in-residence

Ten Objects full seriesBeirut Art Residency

Lucienne Bestall's preoccupation with mundane, everyday objects and archival processes guided her project at BAR

Ten Objects postcard installation by Lucienne BestallBeirut Art Residency

A series of conversations with contemporary Lebanese artists and the creation of an obscure index of objects

Ten Objects series teabagBeirut Art Residency

Exchanging an object with each artist she encountered, but with no full record of their individual conversations, the objects become mnemonic devices for these encounters.

Ten Objects series rulerBeirut Art Residency

Like There Is No Tomorrow bannerBeirut Art Residency

Ivana Ivkovic’s project, 'Like there is no tomorrow' expressed her personal reaction to the layers of historical and social changes Beirut has experienced

Like there is no tomorrow InstallationBeirut Art Residency

"Channeling all my personal feelings I detect an atmosphere of carelessness within the city, however I never gave myself the right to say anything more substantial to analyze it. "

Like There is No Tomorrow banner on roofBeirut Art Residency

Installation on roof of coral station by Ivana IvkovicBeirut Art Residency

She translated her experience through a site-specific installation combining local carpets with old neon city signs.

Personae seriesBeirut Art Residency

Pierre Dalpe's work explores the interconnected relationships between the body, identity, disguise and performance.

Personae Series Omar SfeirBeirut Art Residency

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” Oscar Wilde

Bshara Photograph by Pierre DalpheBeirut Art Residency

The photographic series 'Personae', questions the notion of fixed identity and explores the idea that we, as individuals, potentially embody a multitude of personae.

Omar in military suit by Pierre DalpheBeirut Art Residency

This series involved a collaborative process where the subjects are allowed to exercise their alter egos by performing an invented scenario or narrative within the proscenium arch of a camera frame.

Twin dancers by Pierre Dalphe TwinsBeirut Art Residency

The intention is to play with the aesthetics and traditions of documentary photography to coax viewers into believing false truths, leaving them to question everything contained within the frame.

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