Breakfast in Lahore: Naan Channay

Perhaps one of the earliest cultivated legumes, the humble chickpea is the basis for the popular breakfast item murgh chanay (literal translation: chicken chickpeas).

Murgh channay with naan and salad (2020)SOCH Outreach Foundation

Murgh chana is a traditional breakfast item hailing from the city of Lahore. Chickpeas are highly prized, not only because of their versatile nature, but also for their health benefits.

Chicken in murgh channay (2020)SOCH Outreach Foundation

The nutty and grainy texture of chickpeas combined with the tender, lean meat of chicken cooked on the bone provides a very economical and flavorful meal which soaks up all the flavors of the many herbs and spices.

Murgh Channay (2020)SOCH Outreach Foundation

High in protein and a great source of fibre, chickpeas are a great way to start one’s day. In Lahore murgh chana/cholay, served with naan, is a complete breakfast

Taste of Lahore: A Breakfast Feast (2023)SOCH Outreach Foundation

Watch our film on breakfast in Lahore.

Naan being baked in oven (2020)SOCH Outreach Foundation

This comforting, hearty stew is best enjoyed with a hot naan or kulcha (a slightly leavened flatbread made with refined white flour) first thing in the morning, especially during the short winter spell.

Kulchas (2020)SOCH Outreach Foundation

Naan bread baked fresh from a tandoor (2020)SOCH Outreach Foundation


Man serving murgh channay (2020)SOCH Outreach Foundation

Morning service in full swing.

Man serving murgh channay (2020)SOCH Outreach Foundation

Customers enjoying murgh channay (2020)SOCH Outreach Foundation

Tourists and locals alike enjoy this meal, which can be found throughout this historical city at various food stalls and small shops, owned by multiple generations of families. The recipe of this delicious dish has been passed down throughout the ages.

Murgh channay with naan and salad (2020)SOCH Outreach Foundation

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