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From the management of the cutting-edge club Batofar to gigs with Nouvelle Vague and Ray & Robby of the Doors

Team PBox (2020) by KopetoLe Mila

Introduction Pbox

Pbox was established by Bertrand Aubonnet in the year 2000. The goal was simple: assemble a team of bookers to develop the live careers of a dozen artists. 

Boutique exterior by KopetoLe Mila

Pbox, a company based in Rhône Alpes, celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2020. This office at Mila 18 provides a vital Paris base for a large part of the team.

Bigger en studioLe Mila

Our core activity is the production and broadcasting of live shows (mainly of contemporary music), but we've worn and continue to wear many different hats

Label, publisher, owner of a concert venue in Valence, management of the venue Batofar, artist management (Zaz, H-Burns, Mickey 3d, etc.), festival production and/or programming (Aquaplaning, 18 en scènes, Fédéchansons, Crussol Festival, etc.), record distributor, and so on.

Orange Blossom - François Delarozière - Sharing 2019Le Mila

We helped launch the careers of numerous groups, including Bénabar, Dionysos, Bertrand Belin, and Didier Super. In 2020, we continue to work with Mickey 3d, Orange Blossom, Nouvelle Vague, Arielle Dombasle, Nicolas Ker, just to name some of the best known. 

Ray by pboxLe Mila

Our work has also led us to organize French tours for famous non-French groups, like Public Enemy, NOFX, Jello Biafra, Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger of The Doors.

Ray & Robby of the doors, le bataclan, 3 juillet 2011 by PboxLe Mila

On July 3, 2011, we organized a gig by The Doors at the Bataclan to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Jim Morrison's death. The two Doors members performing also honored us with a visit to the office for a work meeting—a sign that the neighborhood was starting to become visitor-friendly.

PBox offices by KopetoLe Mila

In 2004, we became the first organization to move into Mila. Since then, this little foothold has become much more than just an office—we've always done our best to make it somewhere our partners (artists, technicians, label, publishers, etc.) can visit to say hi, to have a meeting, to use for storing things, for get-togethers, parties, or even for the occasional sleepover!

craftsman at work (2020) by KopetoLe Mila

Back then, we also had a label called Boxson, which subsequently became Pbox Music, and in 2005, we also set up a distribution company called Anticraft, which employed three people.
At the time, Pbox was very involved in day-to-day life at Mila, and we even worked with the local authorities to co-organize a festival called Le Festival des Attitudes Indépendantes (Festival of Independent Attitudes) from 2006 through 2009. 

rototoms sesion (2020) by KopetoLe Mila

The aim of this event was to present as many artists who had come out of Mila as possible at a variety of venues around the 18th district (Phoebe Killdeer, Kill The Young, Sebastien Tellier, Panico, Aldebert, Abd El Malik, Bertrand Belin, Ellen Allien, etc.). 

Nouvelle Vague by PboxLe Mila

It was also by meeting up with other people involved with Mila to plan the festival that Pbox began its collaboration with Nouvelle Vague (Kwaidan), who we have been working with for 15 years now. 

PBox 13 (2020) by KopetoLe Mila

Recently another label from Mila, Upton Park, signed the group Bigger, whose tours we manage. That closeness between independent organizations leads to all kinds of synergies. 

La Rue Ketanou management (2020) by KopetoLe Mila

Over the years, the various Mila stores opened, the number of businesses increased (restaurants, bars, record store, grocery stores, etc.), the atmosphere in the street became a lot more easygoing, and now it's almost becoming gentrified.

Myto backline (2020) by KopetoLe Mila

Our work is always changing—this store has seen dozens of artists pass through, hundreds of projects set up—it's essential for it to remain a place where people can rub shoulders and exchange ideas.

PBox 16 (2020) by KopetoLe Mila

Over the last 15 years, our work has evolved—we said goodbye to the label, distribution, publishing, and venue management, and we refocused on our production activity, making space for it at the office. 

We like to keep things interesting, so we share the store with three other organizations: a communications agency from Lyon (Du Bruit au Balcon), a label (Cameleon Records, who work on projects by Joon Moon and Acoustic Resistance), and Stephanie de Freitas, who is the manager of La Rue Kétanou and has a training company (S2F Formation).

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