Ise Udon

Long-boiled, extra-thick, and soft udon noodles in rich soup!

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Compared to the Udon today, During the Edo period (1603-1858), thicker and softer noodles were popular.

Stores sold them boiled with soybean paste. Ise Udon was an immediate success among locals and travelers. It has become a popular local and national dish since then.

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Ise udon ingredients

Ise udon noodles are made from "Ayahikari," a low-amylose wheat variety produced in Mie Prefecture. This gives the noodles a chewy, smooth texture.

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The rich, slightly sweet Ise udon sauce is made by mixing bonito flakes and dried sardines with tamari soy sauce. The udon is topped only with chopped spring onions.

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How to cook Ise Udon

Ise Udon's noodles are extremely thick and soft, unlike many other udons. Due to their size, the noodles are chewy after being boiled until soft.

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Then a black, concentrated sauce is poured over it, followed by spring onions sliced thinly.

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