Ise Food

Downtown area of Ise city is known for the best seafood in Japan

Futami-2Ise City

The lobsters from Ise are sometimes called "Ise lobsters" in honor of the region. Are there any other foods you would like to try? Don’t be shy! Enjoy fried tofu fritters, Manju flavored with Sake, or elastic rice cake! 

Seafood-2Ise City

Ise's culinary specialty: fish and shellfish

To make Tekonezushi, a typical Ise dish, delicately marinated fish fillets are served on vinegar-coated sushi rice. Another type of sushi, oshizushi, is made using a traditional wooden press to stack fish layers.

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Oshizushi can be prepared using the Japanese Balaou caught in Ise due to its firm and lean flesh. There is no better dish than Japanese lobster, especially one caught in Ise.

As low water temperatures make lobster flesh sweet, lobster season lasts from October to March. It is also recommended to try the famous grilled  "Hiougi-Clams" of Ise.

Futami-10Ise City

Futami salt

The salt production history of Futamiura dates back centuries to Samitsuhime no mikoto's offering of "hard salt" to Yamahime-no-Mikoto during his tour of the country. "Mishioden Shrine" (Sho), a regent shrine of Ise Jingu, now makes "Mishio" for its ceremonies.

Futami-9Ise City

Unlike other salts, bitterns, or additives used to prevent solidification, futami salt is purified domestic natural sea salt. 

Futami-6Ise City

The Futami salt takes advantage of the rich bounty of nature by being a healthful and nutritious salt that contains a high level of nutrients from the sea, which are essential for the well-being of humans. 

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