Homecoming: Nigeria to the World!

A Platform for Africa's Cultural Revolution

Homecoming 2019 (Easter Weekend, 2019)Original Source: Homecoming Festival

Guys at Homecoming Festival (2019)Original Source: Homecoming Festival

Africa is undergoing an authentic cultural revolution
From music to fashion, art, and design, the continent is a hotbed of young talent who are staking their claim on the world stage. Its stars aren’t merely performing under the international spotlight — they’re changing the game in doing so, going against traditional ways of making it, flying a flag for their contemporaries and ensuring the world takes note — in the process genuinely igniting and leading global culture trends.

In the mix (2019)Original Source: Homecoming Festival

Despite the unique international success stories, the reality is that the creative industries in Africa as a whole require further infrastructure and support if they are to sustain the phenomenal creative innovation we’re currently experiencing, and ensure the next generation can continue to build.

Homecoming is a platform for this revolution.

Lagos from above (2019)Original Source: Homecoming Festival

A cultural exchange
Launched in Lagos as a festival of cultural exchange, Homecoming arrived in 2018 with a mission to accelerate the creative development of Africa’s rising young generation, by building a stronger dialogue between the continent and the international creative community. Homecoming’s vision is to empower young creatives with the knowledge and resources they need to inspire and enable future innovation and growth, so the festival places a major focus on partnerships between local and global creative trailblazers.

Tarkwa Bay - Homecoming 2018 (Easter Weekend, 2018) by HomecomingHomecoming

Making its initial launch in Nigeria, (the continent’s most populous nation), the annual festival moment spotlights young musicians, artists, designers, entrepreneurs and cultural upstarts, celebrating them and their fans with a multi-day festival over Easter Weekend. Here is where the community assembles to celebrate, collaborate, educate, and build a lasting creative legacy.

Simi performs onstage (2019) by @deeds_artOriginal Source: Homecoming Festival

What went down in 2019?
During Easter weekend 2019, Homecoming once again hosted this exchange of visions and ideas with a 3-day festival spanning that included live music, a streetwear pop up, football tournaments, skate sessions, a city-wide art tour, and a program of panel discussions led by creative leaders from far and wide. During the weekend Africa’s most exciting artists, musicians, and designers came together with local audiences and global stars to create, sell, perform, design, compete, and share knowledge and experiences with others.

Store holder (2019)Original Source: Homecoming Festival

Collaborations beyond Nigeria
While Homecoming Festival only occurs in Nigeria annually, Homecoming continues to work with young creatives throughout the year, providing guidance, support, education and spotlight moments in order to challenge and platform Africa’s young generation under the world’s lens.

DRB Lasgidi and Odunsi (The Engine) (2019) by @deeds_artOriginal Source: Homecoming Festival

By igniting new cultural conversation and creative development in Nigeria, together we can inspire and unlock the potential of a whole generation, in Nigeria to the whole of Africa and beyond.

Show - Homecoming (Easter Weekend, 2018) by HomecomingHomecoming

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Founded in 2017, Homecoming is an annual festival of cultural exchange between Africa and the world. Held in Lagos, Nigeria, Homecoming puts a spotlight on African talent – from its up and comers to its biggest stars in Music, Fashion, Art, and Culture. Beyond the annual festival moment, Homecoming focuses its efforts on uniting a global community of musicians, artists, designers and creatives, through collaborations and partnerships between these trailblazers and international brands, institutions and thought leaders.

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Homecoming thanks all the artists, musicians, designers and creatives involved in making the festival happen!

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