Yagazie Emezi: Photographing Lagos

Spotlight on the acclaimed photojournalist.

Homecoming Voices: Yagazie Emezi (2019)Original Source: Homecoming Festival

Meet Yagazie Emezi who is setting a new agenda for photojournalism with her honest and thought-provoking documentation of life in Lagos.

Photograph by Yagazie EmeziHomecoming

Yagazie Emezi is an artist and self-taught photojournalist from Aba, Nigeria, currently based in Lagos. She focuses on stories surrounding African women and their health, sexuality, education and human rights. Since beginning her journey in 2015 she has worked with some of the world’s most esteemed titles, including Al-Jazeera, New York Times, Vogue, TIME, The Guardian, Washington Post, National Geographic, Bloomberg Businessweek, and many others.

Here Yagazie Emezi tells us why Lagos is so exciting?

Consumption Of The Black Model by Yagazie EmeziHomecoming

Tell us about your creative journey; how did you get to where you are today?
My creative journey started from childhood. It started with seeking. I believe that I always wanted to tell stories somehow, but I never knew how. So at first, I drew. Then I wrote, then I made videos. By the time I came across photography, it was this almost obvious moment of, 'Oh, there you are.' I found my tool and my friend and became a photographer.

Exodus by Yagazie EmeziHomecoming

What is the most defining moment in your career?
Most likely, moving to Liberia. Starting out in Nigeria as a photographer, the industry circle was tight and I had no idea how to get in and navigate (there's a lot more to that). I took a job in Liberia as a photographer to a non-profit, and being in a much smaller country and city gave me the confidence and direction I needed.

Vlisco & Co by Yagazie EmeziHomecoming

All eyes are on Lagos’ contemporary cultural scene. What fuels Lagos’ creative energy?
The people, of course. What is culture and energy without that?

Photograph by Yagazie EmeziHomecoming

How would you describe Lagos in three words?
Hungry, pulsing and growing.

Lagos by Yagazie EmeziHomecoming

If Lagos had its own soundtrack, what tune would it be?
Generators and car horns.

Photograph by Yagazie EmeziHomecoming

What can the world learn from Nigeria?
I believe the world already knows how industrious Nigerians are in an unstoppable way, and that's something anyone could learn from.

Homecoming Voices: Yagazie Emezi (2019)Original Source: Homecoming Festival

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the industry today?
Create for yourself first, not the industry.

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