Stories of Argentinean Producers: Oranges in Entre Ríos

A first-person account of the tradition of cultivating oranges in the Littoral region


Verduleria (2021-01-15) by Leo LibermanGustar

The magnificent citrus fruits of the Litoral

The Argentine Litoral region (the provinces of Entre Ríos, Corrientes and Misiones) concentrate a large part of the country's citrus production. Especially fruits such as orange and tangerine.

The province of Entre Ríos has historically been the largest producer of oranges in the country. The orange occupies the fourth place in the ranking of most exported fruits, behind the pear, lemon and apple.

In Villa del Rosario, Entre Ríos, we learn about the busy lives and personal experiences of the Zampedri brothers. In the plantation inherited from their father, they achieve huge harvests with a strong work ethic, another thing they inherited.

Pescador en el Río Paraná, Puerto Bemberg (2020-12-06/2021-01-08) by Fotógrafo 1: Julio Noguera.Gustar

The brothers’ plantation is located very close to the Uruguay River, nourished by and benefiting from the mild climate and clay soils of the Littoral province. It is the jurisdiction with the highest orange production, making up 40% of total production on a national level.

Productores, Entre Ríos: naranjasGustar

Anchi (2021-01-11/2021-01-12) by Humberto MartinezGustar

Oranges are the most popular and most commonly eaten fruit in Argentina. Due to its profitability, the citrus is the most planted fruit in the country, available throughout the year from greengrocers.  

Anchi (2021-01-11/2021-01-12) by Humberto MartinezGustar

Ingredientes anchi (2021-01-11/2021-01-12) by Humberto MartinezGustar

You can make all kinds of recipes with oranges: from puddings and jams to gourmet dishes, passing through hundreds of cocktails. Its versatility, together with its high protein content, make it a great protagonist of Argentine food culture.

Anchi (2021-01-11/2021-01-12) by Humberto MartinezGustar

Traditional desserts, such as Anchi (very popular in the Northwest, particularly in the provinces of Salta and Jujuy), have the orange as an essential protagonist.

Anchi (2021-01-11/2021-01-12) by Humberto MartinezGustar

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