Who's afraid of artificial intelligence?

We believe that we will not be replaced by machines; they will instead help us to improve our daily life

Robot playing the pianoFondazione Bruno Kessler

Robotic arm at Oak Ridge National LabFondazione Bruno Kessler


FBK is at the forefront of research into exciting fields like artificial vision, language processing, speech recognizing, machine learning and intelligent user interfaces.

MAIA, Advanced Model of Artificial IntelligenceFondazione Bruno Kessler

<< Flash back

In 1988, FBK made a robot called MAIA. Looking a little like a rough-and-ready R2D2, it had abilities that were unheard of at that time. All this happened in Trentino, a province known for tourism but not for technology.

Kid and robot interactingFondazione Bruno Kessler

April 2018: The Pleasure of Research in AI, an event intended to celebrate 30 years of FBK research in Artificial Intelligence, bringing together several top class AI scientists like Wolfgang Wahlster and Ron Brachman...

AI and its impact on societyFondazione Bruno Kessler

Zero-emission? Let us bring factories back to the cities!

Wolfgang Wahlster is CEO and Scientific Director of DFKI and full professor in computer science at Saarland University.

Interview with Ronald J. Brachman about AIFondazione Bruno Kessler

"Like any technology in the hands of clever people with bad intentions, AI can be put to really negative uses."

Ron Brachman: AI is what you make of it

The cost of AI predictionFondazione Bruno Kessler

“When the cost of artificial intelligence goes down, extraordinary things will happen”.

Interview with Avi Goldfarb

Evgeny Morozov on global fight for AI supremacyFondazione Bruno Kessler

Interview with Evgeny Morozov about the ongoing global war between American and Chinese companies for the global hegemony of AI.

Artificial Intelligence can reduce food wasteFondazione Bruno Kessler

AI can reduce food wastage.

We talked with Felix Wick (Vice President Data Science in Blue Yonder Tech) about Artificial Intelligence within the retail market.

Eye scannerFondazione Bruno Kessler

The other side of AI, not only promises but also concerns: is Artificial Intelligence stealing our jobs?

FBK tries to answer the big question at G20.

Naked robotFondazione Bruno Kessler

FBK is founding member of the new Italian Laboratory of AI and Intelligent Systems and also part of CLAIRE European Labs.

Human and robot handsFondazione Bruno Kessler

FBK Strategic Plan 2018-2027 is focused on AI that collaborates with people instead of replacing them.

The FBK research in AI is key to impact on businesses.

MOSES projectFondazione Bruno Kessler

Moses is a statistical machine translation system that allows you to automatically train translation models for any language pair.

All you need is a collection of translated texts (parallel corpus).

NuSMVFondazione Bruno Kessler

NUSMV project

Model Checking group @ Carnegie Mellon University
Mechanized Reasoning Group @ University of Genova
Mechanized Reasoning Group @ UniTN

WellcoFondazione Bruno Kessler


A novel ICT-based platform for a well-being and health oriented virtual coach for behavior change.

SimpaticoFondazione Bruno Kessler

Simpatico Project

SIMplifying the interaction with Public Administration Through Information technology for Citizens and cOmpanies.

V2X Car ThreatFondazione Bruno Kessler


The mechanisms developed to mitigate attacks to the infrastructure for in-vehicle communications have been vetted through the applications of a rigorous mathematical approach.

ReplicateFondazione Bruno Kessler

Intelligent frame selection and on-the-fly 3D reconstruction;
Object aware tracking and XR enhancement;
3D object animation and semantic segmentation;
Smart illumination cancellation and relighting.

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Curated by Giancarlo Sciascia in collaboration with Alessandro Girardi (visual) and Luigi Cordisco (metadata).

INFO: FBK Digital Communication STAFF

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