How is Europe Governing Migration

Deported, rejected, detained migrants. A field research to get to know the migratory paths that lead to Italy and the open challenges

Earth and Freedom!?Fondazione Bruno Kessler

Migration is significantly influencing the current Western world political agenda, as well our perception of the “others” and “diversity”.

Our first story is about Adem. He repeats obsessively the word "Cinqet", trying to exorcise a mood of extreme worry that he's feeling beacause time goes on and he is powerless...

...Cinqet communicates his condition here in Ventimiglia.

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DisembarkmentFondazione Bruno Kessler

Migration is one of the most urgent topics in our society. It is a phenomenon of our human condition, which, in Italy and Europe, will be present into the next decades.

"Hotspot" is an approach and also the name of some structures. An ambiguous and gray governance for migration in Europe.

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Frontier. Immigrant trafficker without shipFondazione Bruno Kessler

Inclusion Lottery: Procedures and Contradictions in Access to Asylum

Schengen intra-European agreements allow member states to reactivate border checks temporarily for internal security reasons.

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Police at VentimigliaFondazione Bruno Kessler

"Everything is useless: France blocks access also to him, to him who is a minor, actually, in a technical language, a non-Accompanied Foreign Minor"...

The migrants rejected by French police to the Italian authorities are often sent to Taranto's hotspot, 1180km away, an expensive identification.

Hotspot Emisphere

Slavery Memorial RotterdamFondazione Bruno Kessler

Rome. Two Malian guys intercepted by some friends who deal with migrations.

Stories of induced marginality:
when the migrants reception system produces vulnerabilities.

In the hands of miseryFondazione Bruno Kessler

The asylum seeker must remain confined where the European migration government has told him to stay: every attempt at self-determination is blocked.

From the hotspot to the street. The story of two women from Comoros:

Vulnerability by design

FreedomFondazione Bruno Kessler

The migrants that are “blocked” in Italy represent a pool of labor for northern Europe.

Their social and legal marginality is what characterizes their “economic centrality”.

TomatoesFondazione Bruno Kessler

tomatoes at 99 cents.

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Center for Religious Studies - ISRFondazione Bruno Kessler

The FBK research Center for Religious Studies is especially focused on the relationship between religion and innovation.
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The “European Migration Governance” heading is authored by OSVALDO COSTANTINI, an associate researcher at the Center for Religious Sciences of the Bruno Kessler Foundation, which is involved in the "lifestyle and conflicts" research lines. Within this interest, he moves between scientific publications and public press releases, especially in relation to those aspects of the migration more closely related to the imaginations, the desires, and also the frustrations that move the actions of these new “damned of the earth”.

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Illustrations kindly given by Francesco Piobbichi: “Disegni dalla Frontiera”</a<br>
Exhibit curator:
Giancarlo Sciascia, FBK Audience Developer.

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