6 Delicious Diwali Dishes to Try At Home

Celebrate the festival of light with these hearty snacks

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Lit Diyas in a Rangoli Design (2020-10) by Culture Chauraha

Diwali is predominantly known as the festival of lights that is celebrated in the Hindu calendar month of Kartik. 

Diyas Used in Rangoli (2020-10) by Culture Chauraha

The festival is celebrated as a community by lightning diyas (lamps) and also cooking many Indian delicacies! 

baskets of offeringsSamoolam

The month of Kartik marks the end of cropping season for farmers. The farmers offer the best of the season's bounty to Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Naacho bowl, round jug, brass glasses, brass plate, curved platesPunjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)

Diwali is known for its celebratory food. A variety of savouries and sweets are made and shared with close family and friends. Read on to discover some Diwali delicacies from across India.

Besan Ladoo by Kunal Kapur Recipes

1. Besan ke Ladoos

Ladoos made of besan or gramflour. They're a popular snack, often made at home. 

Discover the tips and tricks of making besan ladoos at home.

Crispy Gulgule by Nisha Madhulika

2. Gulgule made using jaggery!

Gulgule are a popular sweet snack in Northern and Eastern India, made using jaggery (a type of cane sugar) and fennel.

Learn how to made gulgule and discover the benefits of consuming jaggery. 

3. Coconut Ladoos

Coconuts are considered the purest fruit and are offered as food during festivals. Sweets made of coconuts are popular. Learn how to make ladoos using coconuts!

4. Murukku

In addition to sweets, a variety of snacks are also cooked. Here, you can learn how to make murkku, a popular snack from Maharashtra. 

Mathri by Kabita's Kitchen

5. Mathri

Mathri is another popular snack that is made during the Diwali season.

Discover the tips and tricks to make it here!

Diwali Lunch from Tamil Nadu by Amma Samayal

6. A Thali from Tamil Nadu!

Family get together are a great reason for cooking a grand feast featuring a variety of food items. Different communities from across India cook varied items on Diwali. 

Learn tips and tricks about cooking a grand feast here. 

Fresh Flowers Offered in Rituals (2020-10) by Culture Chauraha

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Crispy Gulgule - courtesy Nisha Madhulika
Mathri - courtesy Kabita's Kitchen
Besan Ladoo - courtesy Kunal Kapur Recipes
Diwali Lunch - courtesy Amma Samayal

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