Diwali @ Home

Firecrackers in AR, coloring books for the family, and a treasure trove of cultural stories to explore

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How We Celebrate Diwali Today

How families and friends get together to celebrate the Indian festival of lights

In what Hindu calendar month is Diwali celebrated?
Devotees at the ghat

Lighting the way

Explore the different lamps used in Diwali celebrations

What does the word 'Diwali' mean?
Row of lights

Spotlight on: Gomira dancing

Explore photographs of the local traditional mask-dance of Dakshin Dinajpur

Table settings to make your mouth water

What is this popular Diwali dessert called?
Crispy Gulgule (Nisha Madhulika)
Whose return home is Diwali a celebration of?

The Ramayana in miniature

The Indian epic that follows Prince Rama's quest to rescues his beloved wife from the demon King Ravana

Explore more Indian Miniatures

Paintings that tell stories of nature, love, celebration, faith, and power: explore over 1,000 high resolution miniatures using Machine Learning and Augmented Reality

See the details up close

Celebrating Lakshmi

Colorful artwork that depicts the Goddess of Wealth who visits her devotees on Diwali

The Goddess Lakshmi in Popular Culture

Descriptions of Lakshmi have been around for centuries, but how is she portrayed in art?

Paintings of the goddess Kali

Explore depictions of the mysterious Hindu goddess worshipped during Diwali

Explore the masks

The colorful crafts used in dances and celebrations

The artisans in action

See what goes on behind the scenes in the workshop

Sacred statues

Sculptures that represent the important figure of Diwali and its associated festivals

Fun and games

Take a look at the games bringing people together at Diwali