The Music and Arts agency explored the impact of music and culture on the Black community through the use of visual arts.

Samantha Thodlana being interviewed for the SHE documentary (2021) by Tenisha WhiteArts Council England

In 2016 Punch followed the journeys of 4 entertainers examining how music, their lives, and ultimately their careers had been shaped by heritage in their docu-series homeland heroes. It premiered at The Old Rep Theatre, Birmingham and BFI Southbank, London and was also shown online via GRM Daily.

Terri Walker - Homelands Documentary (Jamaica) (2016) by Jaha Browne and Tara MahanderArts Council England

Terri Walker - Homelands Documentary (Jamaica)

Singer-songwriter Terri Walker travels back to Jamaica, visiting family in Clarendon, connecting with the locals and taking in the beautiful sights in the iconic musical landmark of Trench Town.

Diztortion - Homelands Documentary (Suriname) (2016) by Jaha Browne and Tara MahanderArts Council England

Diztortion - Homelands Documentary (Suriname)

Dutch-born record producer, Diztortion visits Suriname, where he hosts workshops, tastes the national delicacies and inspires the next generation of creative innovators. The experience also gave him the opportunity to find out more about where his family came from.

Shakka - Homelands Documentary (Dominica) (2016) by Jaha Browne and Tara MahanderArts Council England

Shakka - Homelands Documentary (Dominica)

R&B singer Shakka goes on a trip back to Dominica in a bid to discover the sounds that contributed to his sonic make up as an artist. The series follows him as he experiences carnival first hand and connects with the indeigious people

SHE promotional still (2021) by Tenisha WhiteArts Council England


In 2021, Punch put together a number of documentaries, one of which was SHE. The film follows the stories of several women across Birmingham showcasing the realities of being a successful female entrepreneur in the West Midlands. SHE is a documentary that aims to drive discussion around gender, race and disability.

Black New Street (2020) by Click VisualsArts Council England

Black New Street

The business community in Birmingham is brimming with innovation and talent. It is exactly these qualities that Black New Street highlights. Remaining intentional about celebrating legacy, the documentary covers Birmingham's black businesses past, present, and future, featuring interviews with well-known figures in the city’s black business community and more.

Captivated [Music Video] (2021) by Punch RecordsArts Council England

Captivated [Music Video]

Shifting gears for a more musical offering, the Captivated video is post-lockdown digital project giving 5 Birmingham-based artists the opportunity to share how the pandemic affected them.

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