The Fairy Tower

One of the most beautiful towers of the Simatai Great Wall

Late autumn of Simatai Great Wall Fairy Tower (2020-11-03) by Wu QiangSimatai Great Wall

On top of the mountains

As a two-window building, Fairy Tower is the most “slim” one among all watchtowers along the Simatai Great Wall. It is just like a nymph standing on the top of the mountains.

Simatai Great Wall building - Fairy Tower by Simatai Great WallSimatai Great Wall

Its structure

The Fairy tower is 5.6 meters in length and 4.7 meters in width. It's connected with the "sky ladder", which is 100 meters high, and with a slope of 90 degrees. Only the brave ones can reach the Fairy tower.

The "lonely" tower

Standing on the top of the mountains, the Fairy tower seems very "lonely". Facing at the Wangjing tower in distance, the two towers are like a pair of lovers separated by the steep mountains.

Simatai Great Wall Building - single-sided wall by Simatai Great WallSimatai Great Wall

The beautiful story

It was very difficult for their ancestors to build this section of the Great Wall, as the space was only enough to fit one foot, let alone transporting and stacking the masonry materials. So how did this watchtower get built? There is a beautiful story about it.

Long long ago, in the village not far from the Fairy Tower, there was a handsome shepherd who lived in poverty by herding sheep for others. Not long after the construction of the Great Wall began, he became familiar with the soldiers. But when they were about to build the Fairy Tower, many soldiers fell ill. Faced with the decreased manpower and the soon-approaching work schedule, the soldiers were increasingly anxious.  

Snowscape of Simatai Great Wall Fairy Tower (2021-03-20) by Wu QiangSimatai Great Wall

The shepherd was worried as well,  he decided to drive the sheep to pack bricks and worked all day. But after all, the progress was very slow. One day, when the shepherd was taking a nap, the mountain around suddenly became cloudy. When he woke up, he was surprised to find out that the foundation of the building had been built up.  

Not long after, the breeze came again. A fairy was standing in the clouds, waving her sleeves and the bricks started to gather at the watchtower. The fairy floated down beside the shepherd and said, "You are an honest and loyal man not afraid of difficulties, so I’ve come here to help you.”

Finally, with the shepherd’s and the fairy's joint efforts, the watchtower was built up and their love for each other grew. 

Sea of clouds of the Simatai Great Wall by Simatai Great WallSimatai Great Wall

But things have changed soon. The fairy was recalled to heaven to be punished, and the shepherd sat on the watchtower they built up together, calling for the fairy over and over again. She did not return, and the shepherd eventually died of grief. The soldiers buried him at the cliff under this watchtower.

Evening glow of Simatai Great Wall Fairy Tower (2020-07-17) by Wu QiangSimatai Great Wall

As time went by, people called this tower "Fairy Tower", which has been used until now.

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