Sarah Moon

- A dream-like world balanced between fantasy images and fable -

La main mise (2004) by Sarah MoonTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

French artist

among the most important contemporary photographers working today. Her personal investigations into the beauty and flow of time from her studio in Paris has forged an unmistakable visual vocabulary that has shaped images from a dream-like world balanced between fantasy images and the fluid nature of reality.

Le jongleur (2002) by Sarah MoonTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

With her visions in a deliberately evanescent form, the artist evokes moments, sensations and coincidences filtered by memory and the unconscious.

Joséphine (2003) by Sarah MoonTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

She creates and develops a very personal universe, around three main themes:the evanescence of beauty, the uncertain, and the passing of time.

Gauthier (1998) by Sarah MoonTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Moon’s photographs are mysterious. Full of dramatic tension and yet reserved, they represent uncharted worlds, glimpsed in a shaft of light. As she herself says, her images speak for her.

Avril, le jour anniversaire (1999) by Sarah MoonTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Le Ventriloque (2000) by Sarah MoonTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Sarah Moon, previously known as Marielle Warin, was born in 1941 in Vernon (France).

Audrey (1998) by Sarah MoonTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

In 1970 she earnestly began to pursue a career as a fashion photographer. Since 1985 she has continued to develop an intimate and personal artistic journey.Her pictures have appeared in many magazines and have been the subject of numerous photographic books, including “Now and Then”, “Coïncidences”, “Circuss”, “L'Effraie”, “Le Fil Rouge”, “La Sirène d'Auderville” and “Le petit Chaperon Noir”. In 2008 the book "" received the Prix Nadar.Sarah Moon has directed several films, including one feature film Mississipi One (1991), onemedium-length feature 5h-5 (2012), 5 short films inspired by the fairytales of Hans ChristianAndersen and Charles Perrault (Circuss, The screech owl, The red thread, The mermaid ofAuderville, Little black Riding Hood), and documentaries on photographers and onphotography (There is something about Lilian, Le Montreur d'images, Contacts...).

L’avant-dernière (2008) by Sarah MoonTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Cotinga du Pérou et Trichoglossus du Timor (2000) by Sarah MoonTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Credits: Story

This virtual exhibition was brought together with Carla Sozzani Foundation on the occasion of the Exhibition "Sarah Moon, time at work" visitable from the 18.09.2018 to the 06.01.2019.
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