Milan is for Art Lovers

From masterpieces of medieval architecture to cutting-edge contemporary art

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The Milan story

A city of artistic diversity

Art for the ages

The hidden stories behind Milan's historic masterpieces

Zoom into the details

Discover the tiny details and brushstrokes, up close

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Spotlight on: portraits

Explore the galleries in 360˚

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Explore more stories of Milan's historic masterpieces

The art of now

Milan's cutting-edge contemporary art

The A-Z of contemporary art

Art takes to the streets

Milan's graffiti and street art story

Discover more of Milan's cutting-edge contemporary art

Architectural Milan

The most iconic Milanese buildings

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Discover more of Milan's iconic sites

Designing Milan

History-making stories

Timeless literature and books

Spotlight on: Leonardo da Vinci's writings

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Art and artifacts from far away, up close

Objects that changed the world

Stories in the details

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Learn more about Milan's cultural artifacts

Explore Milan's masterpieces through time and color

Explore in virtual reality

Guided tours through some of the most renowned Milanese museums

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Behind the scenes

From canvas to gigapixels: how to digitize a masterpiece

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